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Black Sheep Edward Elric x Reader One-Shot
Black Sheep – Ed
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Black Sheep – Edward Elric x Reader One-Shot

Black Sheep – Edward Elric x Reader

“Hello again, friend of a friend, I knew you when”

You look out the window, reminiscing on the past, back when Ed, Al, Winry, and you would all run around for hours on end playing tag till’ you were called home for dinner.

“Our common goal was waiting for the world to end “

You remember back when you and Ed agreed to take over the world and become the greatest alchemists to ever exist. You two were so innocent back then. But now Ed was gone. He left to find a way to get his body back along with Al’s. They left you without even saying goodbye after the big fight you and Ed got into.

“Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend”  

“We’ll come back soon ___, we promise.” Ed said with that cocky smile of his. That was three years ago. He was only twelve back then, you eleven. He would be fifteen by now and you are currently at the age of fourteen years.

“You crack the whip, shape-shift and trick the past again”

Just a few months ago, you went to visit Rush Valley to pick up some automail as a welcome back gift for Winry when she gets back from Central. “Ed!” you called happily as you ran towards him in the wide, busy streets of Rush Valley. “Do I know you?” he asked with confusion. “Of course you know me! It’s me, ___.” you said with tears about to break. “Uh, okay…” Ed said as he turned around and walked away, acting as if he had never heard of you.”

“I'll send you my love on a wire lift you up, every time,”

“Ahaha! Ed, put me down! Please! Haha!” you laughed happily Ed lifted you up and over his shoulder while spinning you around. You already knew you loved this boy even at such a young age. “Alright, alright.” Ed said with a smile as he put you down. Now, all you needed to know was whether or not he liked you back.

“Everyone, ooh, pulls away, ooh from you”

You stood on your tip-toes seeing as you were highly short for your age and you leaned in to have your first kiss with the boy. You lost your balance as he pulled away and you fell face first onto the ground. You looked up and asked “What was that for???” His expression looked confused yet worried that he may have hurt you. That was about when you two got into your big fight, and all for some big stupid misunderstanding. You wished so badly that you could go back in time and take back the childish things you had said.

“Got balls of steel, got an automobile, for a minimum wage“

You get up and exit the house. You live alone since your parents died in the Eastern Rebellion. You wonder when Winry would be coming back. Ed and Al would visit, but they never told you that they were around, nor did they ever come to visit you. You miss them dearly.

“Got real estate, I'm buying it all up in outer space”

The house was now all yours. You walk off for a while, unsure of where you’re even going. You stop as you realize that you ended up walking to town and to the bar to be correct. You shrug and enter anyway, thinking you could use a good drink.

“Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend“

Your eyes widen as you realize that the past is coming back to haunt you and you see a familiar red coat in the bar on a teenage boy with a familiar blonde braid. This is your chance to tell the truth. You walk over, about to apologize, but you can’t find the words. Your voice feels dry and you feel as if you might throw up. So, you do the only thing you can think to do. You hug Ed from behind and cry into coat. “Huh?!” he exclaims with surprise as he sees you hugging him. His eyes soften and he hugs you back with a small smile.

“You crack the whip, shape-shift and trick, the past again”

“I’m sorry for what I did before.” You cry. “Me too.” He admits quietly while rubbing your back in a comforting manor.

“I'll send you my love on a wire”

“I love you ___.” Ed admits shakily, blushing deeply. You smile broadly as you exclaim “I love you too.” People in the bar are just staring at you two, thinking you’re just drunk.

Lift you up, every time, everyone, ooh, pulls a way, ooh”

Ed places his forefinger and thumb on your chin. You flinch and pull back slightly. “Close your eyes he mumbles.”  You obediently do so and he tilts your head up. You feel his lips against yours and they fit in perfect sync as you kiss back.

“It's a mechanical bull, the number one”

 Ed leads you over to the mechanical bull and props you on after paying. He gets on behind you and reaches around you, gripping onto the reins. You grip onto the horns with a smile at your longtime friend. He smiles back as the bull begins to move.

“You'll take a ride from anyone,”

You two laugh as the bull swings around, lashing you about viciously and mercilessly.

Everyone wants a ride, pulls away, ooh from you”

Ed gets flung off, but he grips onto around your waist and you both go flying off the bull and onto the cushiony ground. You two laugh as he leans up and kisses your cheek. “I’m sorry ___, I’ll never leave you again.” He whispers into your ear. You smile joyously and say “Wherever you go, I’ll go.”