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Gray Fullbuster x Reader- Melting the Ice
Story published September 21, 2013 · updated 8 months ago · completed · 21 pages · 3,007 readers · 19,157 reads
Chapter 1- The Res
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Chapter 1- The Rescue

'Crap. I'm running out of magic energy. Doesn't help that I don't know how to control my Fire.' You thought to yourself as you dodge several attacks.
"What's the matter girl? Running out of magic?" A man shouts from behind you and hits you, sending you fling into a wall.
'I need to get out of here. He's too strong!'
You try to get up, but your arms collapse, leaving you on the ground. You look up to see the man with a devilish smirk across his face.
'I'm going to die here. I couldn't fulfill my dream. I'm not in Fairy Tail.' You close your eyes, ready for the impact of your death blow, but there's nothing. You open your eyes, but all you can see is the man's feet, and you hear a male's voice
"Ice Make: Ice Cannon!"
'An Ice Mage?' You manage to gather enough strength to lift yourself up and sit against the wall. Sure enough, there's an Ice Mage fighting the man you previously were, and he's winning. Blood splatters on the ground, signifying that the man is now dead. You get a better look at the mage and notice his bare, six pack right away. You also see the Fairy Tail guild mark on his chest.
'He's a Fairy Tail wizard! He's no ordinary mage! This has to be Fairy Tail's Gray Fullbuster!'
He walks towards you and you cough up some blood.
"Are you alright?" He says in a soft, comforting voice and you black out.
When you wake up, you're in a hospital bed with bandages all over your body. You get up and walk along the wall to keep your balance. You walk outside of the door and down a set of stairs. At the bottom, your eyes widen and your knees collapse on you, causing a loud *thud* as you fall. The same one that saved you, helps you up and smiles softly and you look around in amazement
"I-I'm in the Fairy Tail guild! A-and you! You saved me! Gray Fullbuster! An actual Fairy Tail wizard saved me!"
Gray smiles and sits you down.
"You put up quiet a fight before I came in. You're strong. An Ice Mage."
Natsu comes over and so does Lucy and Erza.
"I can't believe that I'm actually inside of the Fairy Tail guild!"
Natsu smiles and nudges Lucy
"She's acting like you did when you first came here." He looks at you and smiles. "I'm Natus Dragoneel!"
You nod and smile back
"I know! I know who all of you are! I've seen you guys fight before. I've even considered trying to help, but I thought that I would just get in the way."
Makarov walks over and greets you with a smile
"T-the guild master! It's an honor!"
He nods and shakes your hand gently
"Mirajane! Come here!"
Mirajane walks over with a bright smile, and is holding a stamp and the master looks at you again
"Judging by your reactions, would you like to join Fairy Tail?"
Your face brightens, causing Gray to blush a little.
"Yes! It's been my life long goal! Yes I would love to! Thank you!!!"
Mirajane smiles and asks where you want the mark. You turn around and move your hair and you point at your shoulder blade. She presses the stamp on your back and the mark appears on your skin in a dark blue or black color. You stand up and fall again, but this time Gray catches you.
"Come on. I'll take you back up stairs."
On the way up you look at Gray, who has his arm tightly wrapped around your waist and your arm over his shoulders.
"Why did you save me? Not that I'm complaining, I just want to know why you would want to."
Gray tries to think of an answer that won't tell you that he's been watching you for over a month.
"You're strong. Fairy Tail could use another Ice Wizard as well. That and no Fairy Tail member could sit by and watch someone so innocent get hurt like you did. I should have went in to help sooner. Maybe you wouldn't have gotten hurt so bad."
You blush a little. A handsome ice mage like him actually saved you.
"Thank you. How can I re pay you?"
He thinks of an answer again and shrugs
"Let me train you. It's nice to have another wizard around that uses Ice. I want to pass on what I know."
You smile and nod
"Sure! Thank you!"
When he sits you back down on the bed, you fall back onto the soft pillows and drift into a deep sleep. Down stairs he sits on a bench and Natsu, Lucy and Erza sit next to him.
"Is that the same girl that you've had your eye on for the past month?" Erza says and Gray blushes a little
"Yeah.... I didn't know she was a wizard till now though."
Natsu laughs when he sees Gray blushing
"Ha! Looks like Gray's got a little crush on the new girl!"
Gray shoves a turkey's leg in his mouth to shut him up
"Shut up!" Grays blush deepens when Lucy giggles
"Do you? You have been watching her for a long time."
He hides his head in his arms and Erza chases them off
"Don't worry. They're gone now."
Gray looks up, still blushing and sees Erza lean across the table
"Now do you?" Gray hides his face again when his face turns red
"Maybe.... Okay yes. I know I don't know her, but she's so pretty. And she's an Ice wizard like me."
Erza nods and gently pats his back... well tries to.
"Don't worry. I won't tell her. I'll leave it up to you." Her voice goes to a serious/scary tone which makes him whimper "Just don't chicken out."
Gray nods rapidly and lets out a sigh of relief when she leaves.