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Just Our Luck
Story published September 21, 2013 · completed · 9 pages · 15 readers · 50 reads
What the Heck?
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What the Heck?

Hello. I'm Cowtails. This is something that happened recently. Sweet Pripper and I had decided to finally meet in person! We met up at a cafe somewhere in New York and talked about our obsession: Penguins of Madagascar! I laughed at something she said, and then happened to glance over across the street. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. "A balloon store! You wanna go? Please?" She laughed. "Sure I guess."

When we were inside, I grabbed two balloons that hadn't been blown up yet. We were the only ones in the store. We blew them up and then let them go, watching them fly everywhere. I grabbed another and said,"Watch this. You can do it too." We both blew up one and then breathed in the air. I said in a really funny high voice,"See? Cool huh?" She laughed, also in a high voice,"You sound ridiculous!" I laughed,"Me? You should hear yourself!" We looked at each other and sang,"Christmas, Christmas time is here!"

After that we laughed until it wore off. (I'll give you a cookie if you review and tell me what movie that scene came from.) I sighed,"I wish the penguins were real." She nodded,"I wish they were all real. Even Blowhole." The lights in the store suddenly flickered. "Uh...SP? Are you doing that?" She said,"Cowtails, I'm right next to you. How the heck could it be me?"

I whispered into the now dark store,"Maybe it's the penguins." She scoffed,"I wish." I whispered louder,"Hello? Is anyone else in here?" I felt something around my hands, and noticed it was rope! "SP, are your hands tied behind you? For some reason?" She answered back,"Yeah, yours too? This is getting freaky." I sighed,"Who's there? For real!" She started to say something, but it came out muffled. "Mmmph!" I raised my eyebrow. "Sweet Pripper? Are you ok-"Something went around my mouth too, and I couldn't speak. I began to get really freaked out, and struggled.

The last thing I heard was a familiar voice saying,"As a matter of fact, dollface, we are real."