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Over Again |Liam Payne|
Story published September 23, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · completed · 37 pages · 29,838 readers · 229,521 reads
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Chapter 1
~ Olivia’s POV ~ 
~ Flashback ~
I opened the door to our shared apartment and smiled slightly. I had just found out I was 2 months pregnant. I knew Liam would make an amazing dad. I had just come back from dance practise and decided now would be a good time to tell Liam about our little one growing inside of me. 
“Baby, I’m back!” I shouted through the house. Liam was sitting on the couch watching tv. He saw me and smiled.
“Hey, I need to talk to you.” I said seriously.
“Me first.” Liam said and sighed. “Livy, I think we need to end this.” My face dropped. This was not what I had in mind.
“Because I’ve… fallen in love with someone else?” he said, stating it more like a question.
“damierpizerm.” He mumbled.
“Danielle Peazer.” He said more clearly this time. Tears started to fall down my cheeks.
“You’re in love with my best friend?” I ask.
“No, I-“
“Save it. I understand, I hope you’re happy too.” I say and run upstairs. I stuff all of my things into my suitcase and run downstairs and out the door. I get into my car and drive back to the dance studio. I walk to the receptionist who is my good friend Abby.
“Hey Olivia, I- woah, what’s wrong?”  she asks, indicating my tear streaked face.
“Liam. Can I stay with you from now on? You told me you needed a roomie willing to pay and that’s me.” I say.
“Of course! Here, tell me what’s wrong.” She said and I explained everything, including my pregnancy.
“It’s okay baby, we can make it on our own.” I assure my baby and drive to my new flat.
~ Flashback Over ~ 
I had that dream every night for 3 years ever since it happened and today is not different. I sigh and get out of bed and walk to my baby girl Hollie’s children’s bed.
“Wake up baby.” I coo and she wakes up, rubbing her eyes.
“Morning mommy.” She says and I kiss her forehead.
“Morning Hollie.” I say. I hear a knock on the door and Abby steps inside wearing:
“Morning Liv and Hollie! Liv, you have a dance job today at 1:30PM. It’s a big job for the company and you need to make up some dance routines for some boy band.” Abby explains. Ever since Liam left me, I always thought I was a bad dancer since he picked another one over me. I decided that wasn’t true because ½ a year after Hollie was born I was offered a job with Shakira, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake for dance choreography.
I’ve danced with Beyoncé and twerked with Miley Cyrus. I’m the real deal now. Abby’s my assistant and takes care of Hollie when I can’t, like today.

“Hollie, let’s go have breakfast and then we can drive to the studio!” I say cheerfully. She cheers too and pads into the kitchen with a laughing Abby. I walk into the bathroom and pul my hair into a ponytail. I wash my face and apply light waterproof/ sweatproof makeup. I pull my hair into a neat ballerina bun and change into my dance outfit. I pull on my black dance leotard and and red nike shorts. I pull a grey baggy t-shirt on top of my leotard and tie the laces of my converse to my feet. I spray my deodorant to my body and throw it into my dance bag along with my waterbottle, a change of clothes, my phone and headphones and a few things that I need for Hollie. I walk into the kitchen and grab an apple.

“Mommy, you eat so little. Should I eat little too?” Hollie asks me.
“No! I’ll eat too baby.” I say and grab a slice of toast. I butter it and add strawberry jam and eat it. I never really ate much. Bad habits don’t go away quickly. When I was in high school with Liam, I went through a stage where I thought dance companies would only like super skinny girls. I was wrong.
 We finish breakfast and climb into my car. We drive to the studio and I wave goodbye to my daughter and Abby. I walk into the studio and start stretching. I then do some gymnastics to loosen up:
I land on the floor and smile. I hear applauding but I can’t tell who it is because I have my back facing them.
“That was wicked! Are you going to teach us that?” I hear a familiar voice say. I turn around and stare, shocked. One Direction is standing in front of me. Well this is awkward.
~ Liam’s POV ~
We walk into the dance studio and I scoff.
“I bet our choreographer isn’t as good as Danielle.” I gloat, smirking.
“Oh shut up Liam. You can’t be bitter forever.” Louis says. My smirk disappears and I sigh. Yes, Payzer’s over and I’m just as sad as you are. But nobody is a better dancer than Danielle. We towards a girl wearing a turquoise skirt and a pink shirt, playing with a little girl.
“Hey cutie!” I say and smile at the girl. She looks at me and her mouth forms an ‘O’ shape. Okayyyy…
“Daddy?” She whispers. And I let out an awakrd laugh, shaking my head.
“No Hollie, your daddy is- oh my god.” The girl says, looking at me. She looks around my age.
“Uh, hi. We’re One Direction and we have an appointment with a choreographer.” Harry says. The girl gulps.
“Uh, yeah. Third room on the left. Good luck.” She says and goes back to playing with the little girl. Why did she call me daddy? Oh well, mistakes are always made. And she only looked about three.
~ Olivia’s POV ~   
They probably don’t remember me. I smile at them.
“Hi, I’m Olivia and I’m your choreographer.” I say.
“Uh, yeah we know you. We’ve missed you!” Niall says and everyone but Liam comes to hug me. He just looks at me, stunned and shocked.
“So, what song?” I ask them.
“Uh, Kiss You.” Zayn says. I create a routine and everyone just stares at me in awe. I finish it and show it to them so they can film it and show it to their
“That was fun.” Harry says cheerily.
“Yeah. Well, I have to go to my friend Abby. Bye!” I say and grab my bag and walk out. I see Abby and Hollie and I pick Hollie up and spin her around.
“Mommy!” She squeals excitedly. I laugh and hold her on my hip.
“Liv?” Someone says behind me. I turn around and see Liam standing there, looking shocked. Ohhhh no.
~ Liam’s POV ~

“Uh, Hi Liam. This is Hollie.” She says. The little girl looks at me and I see how she looks like her mother. Beautiful blue eyes just like her. But her brown wavy hair doesn’t resemble Liv’s blonde hair.
“Your daughter?” I ask and she nods her head.  “She’s very cute.” I say, smiling at Hollie. “Who’s the lucky dad?” I ask, tickling Hollie.
“Liam. I need to tell you something.” She blurts.
Oh god.

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