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First Love (A Carl Grimes imagine fanfiction)
Story published September 23, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 9 pages · 1,056 readers · 4,984 reads
Chapter 6
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Chapter 6

Everyone around you is staring at Shane. After a few seconds he walks towards the unknown man.
"You try anything like that again," he says, right up in the man's face. He's practically whispering, so only you and the man can hear him. "there will be consequences."
Shane backs away, and turns to talk to the woman who you assumed to be the man's wife. She's now standing next to Eleanor and the girl. 
"Are you okay ma'am?" you hear him say as you walk closer.
"I'm fine..." she looks down at her (what seemed to be) daughter and pulled her closer. "We're fine." 
"Where's your car?" Shane says, looking around. 
"Right here." The woman points to a Cherokee. 
"That's handy, we're right behind you." Shane grins and starts backing away. "Come and find us if you need anything ma'am." He says.
"Call me Carol. This is my daughter Sophia." Carol gestures to the little girl and she smiles. "And that's my husband Ed" You all look over at Ed.
"Hiya." Sophia says, bringing your attention to her. She smiles at you. 

It's quite late now, and you're sitting with Sophia, Eleanor, Carl and Alice on the floor next to Carol's Cherokee. 
Ed's  leaning against a fence at the side of the highway, smoking a cigarette whilst staring at Shane. 
Carl sees you looking at Ed.
"Y/N?" You turn to face him and shrug.
"Hm?" You smile faintly with your lips together. 
"Are you okay?" He looks concerned, one eyebrow slightly raised, the other low down, squishing his eye into a slight squint.
"Yeah..." You look back at Ed, and then to Sophia. "Is he always like this?"
"Pretty much, yeah." She says, a hint of sadness in her voice, but it's drowned out by a painful chuckle. You know, the kind people do when they don't like something. 
You feel so bad for her.