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The Drowned Love*A Ben Drowned Love Story*
Story published September 24, 2013 · updated January 4, 2014 · 13 pages · 115 readers · 743 reads
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             (Ana's P.O.V.)

              I woke up and went downstairs,I went into the kitchen grabbed a bowl,spoon,milk and fruity pebbles."Good morning"Eric said walking into the kitchen and sitting down next to me.  "Morning"I said getting up and walking into the kitchen to watch T.V. ~Knock~knock~ I rushed to the door knowing it would be Bre my bestfriend."Hey!"We shrieked at the same time."I see the other twin showed up"Eric said sitting on the couch."Shut up Eric,or do yuo want me to tell Bre about Jeff?"I snickered at him."No way do not tell her!!"Eric screamed running up the stairs and into his room."So do you want to watch T.V. or go in Eric's room to annoy him?"I asked Bre."GO ANNOY ERIC!!"She yelled running into his room."Hey get out!"Eric yelled as we both go in his room."No I want to watch"I pouted at him."Fine but don't touch anything"he said starting up his Nintendo64."WHAT THE F*CK!"Eric and Bre screamed just as I turned around to look at the screen.I looked at the screen in shock of what I saw,I saw Link getting out of the f*cking T.V. I picked up a shoe and through it at him."Ow"He screeched at us."WHO ARE YOU?!?!?"we all yelled at the same time.Wait he looked just like link but had red orbs for eyes."HOLY F*CK,HE'S A CREEPY PASTA!"I screamed getting up and pulling him out of the T.V. then I punched him."What do you mean creepy pasta?"Eric asked me and Bre."He's Ben Drowned"Bre told Eric."Wait you mean to tell me there real?"Eric asked us."YES"me and Bre sighed at him."That means he is the one Ana said was sexy"Eric said laughing as I started to blush like crazy."You think I'm sexy?"Ben asked Ana "Y-Yes" She stuttered her response to him."Haha"ME and Bre said laughing at them."Come on Ben you can come with me into my room"I said grabbing his green tunic and pulling him out the door and into my room."Hey can I come?"Bre asked before I shut the door."No"I yelled shutting the door.I walked over to Ben who was just sitting on my bed looking at all of my posters of him.shirts,drawings and of course my Ben Drowned painted walls."You really do like me,don't you?"He asked smirking at all of my stuff. "Yes I do"I said sitting next to him on my bed that also had Ben Drowned sheets,pillow cases and my big blanket of him."Well that's awesome"He said looking into my eyes."I always though you were real but I never told anybody but Bre and she thinks you guys are real also but then again you just went through my brothers T.V. "Yeah I did you should of seen your face!"He teased.