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When in Bristol
Story published 11 months ago · updated 7 months ago · completed · 110 pages · 1,439 readers · 18,037 reads
Chap 1: Skyping Wi
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Chap 1: Skyping With inthelittlewood

November 28

My hands reached around my back. I gripped the knot and fiddled with it between my fingers. I eventually untied the apron from around my waist. I dropped the apron on the counter in the employee lounge, which stunk like cheese and crushed dreams. I grabbed my bag and exited the room back into the dining hall of the pizza restaurant. 

As I was about to exit the store,"Aye! Rachel! Where's do you think your going?" my boss, Andrew hollered to me from the cash register. I turned around and sighed. 

"I'm going home. My shift is over." I replied faking a smile.

"Oh, no you're not. I need you tonight. I have over 1000 pizza boxes that need folding." he said with a detrimental attitude.

"Sorry, I'm busy, I can't do it tonight." I said back to Andrew with my hand pressed up against the cold glass door. I slightly lied, but really.. I really rather be at home listening to Area 11 or watching Yogscast and Hat Films' videos.

"If you leave out that door, your raise is too!" Andrew demanded. My hand reached back into my bag, and grabbed my phone. I checked it, it read 7:09. I quickly thought. If I wasn't hovering over the edge of eviction of my apartment, I would of stormed out. But instead I  walked back into the lounge and put back on my apron. For the next 3 hours I was folding and folding. I probably got about 20 paper cuts. 

Once I finished I left the store at around 10:29. I left the heating and entered the dark cold of the night. Even though I lived in California, the weather began to have an orgy with the winter season.

I walked home alone, it was quite a long walk. I wrapped my jacket around me to keep warm.

 I wasn't well off in life. I left my hometown in San Diego to move to Santa Barbra to chase this amazing YouTube dream. My parents and family never really approved of it. But, once I turned 21 I decide this was my life choice. Yet, this life choice, I still wonder if I made the right decision...

I nearly make enough money to keep the rent. I work on my YouTube channel making Gaming videos . Even though I had over hundred thousand subscribers I still had to grasp onto another job, that would be serving pizzas to bratty 10 year olds under the outrageous management of my boss. 

I lived alone in my 1 bed room apartment with no car, no friends. Well besides my other gaming friends. But those guys live no where near I did. Especially my friends in the UK-Well, just Martyn, inthelittlewood. I met Martyn Littlewood at Minecraft convention, about a year ago. We made a video or 2 together but other than that he still helped me out a lot. We talk pretty often and he has become a really close friend of mine. He always told me that I should be more known and that I'm too underrated. He even tried to advertise me on his channel. Which was amazing. 

My sneakers brushed against the ground. Kicking up leaves and other debris that was left on the ground. The street lamps beside me, lit the city dim. I finally reached my apartment. I climbed up the stairs to the front door. I threw a slight smile at the receptionist and turned down the hall. I walked to my apartment door. A slip of paper was left  taped upon the door. 

"RENT DUE...." It read. I stood in the hallway reading the entire paper. What?! My rent went up. I let out a stomp to the carpet in frustration and opened the door to my apartment. A gush of cold air breezed out of it. I turned on the light  and threw down my bag onto the  ground by the door. I sat down in my living room chair. My apartment was very bland. It had no TV, or anything really. I had a small arm chair and a portable wooden stool table. My bed was just a mattress with a blank sheet over it and a pillow and a throw blanket. My kitchen had practically no food in it. 

I sat in my arm chair with my laptop on my lap. I opened it up, and just strolled on YouTube until my Skype began to act up.

I was getting a call from Martyn. I started to wonder why he called so late, since it was like 11 at night, but then I realized it was about 7 AM in Bristol. I answered his video call. 

He threw a smile. I threw a quiet by subtle smile back.
"Are you okay? You seem...upset." he said in his high pitched British accent. 

"Just had a bad day.." I gave him with a colon P look. 

"Well I know what will make you feel better..."Martyn said.

"What do you mean."I said.

"Ready Ready... wait for it....," Martyn hopped off the screen. Once he appeared back he held a slip of paper in his hand. "You're coming here to YogTowers in Bristol!"

"Martyn! Are you serious!!?" I was about to jump in joy. My face lit up in excitement.

"Yes, I'm cereal. I was talking to Simon and Lewis and they said you can come join us for the Yogscast Christmas Livestream that goes for the entire month!" Martyn looked as excited as I was. 

"Martyn this is insane! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" I elated.

"Not a problem! Uh, hold on Kaeyi is calling, is it okay if she joins the call?" he asked. 

"Go ahead." Kaeyi, Martyn's girlfriend was added to the call. (her actually name is Stephanie, but she goes by Kaeyi (Kai-yee)

"Hiiiiiiiiiiii." Kaeyi said, her pink hair was looked even pinker then usual. "Rachel, I can't wait to see you! What day are you gonna be here?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah Rachel your leaving November 30th at 7 AM. Is that okay? Martyn stated.

"Yes of course!" I said. For about another hour, we all chatted. By midnight, I decided to call it; and soon went to bed.

I laid in bed thinking that night.. Thinking about how amazing it will be to meet everyone from the Yogscast. Simon, Lewis, Sips, Sjin, Duncan, Hannah, Area 11, Sam, Martyn, Kaeyi, Kim, Martyn.... wait did I say Martyn twice? Nevermind Rachel, snap out of it. Don't repeat what happened before...

A/N It's sounds like a Martyn love fanfic. But it's not honestly. It's actually a Area 11 x Rachel(main character) story... but I shall not reveal which Area 11 member.. just read on and find out! :)

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