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If You Go Down To The Woods Today...
Story published September 29, 2013 · updated November 3, 2013 · 15 pages · 1,587 readers · 5,071 reads
Chapter 1.
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Chapter 1.

               "If you go down to the woods today, you'd better not go alone. It's lovely down in the woods today, but safer to stay at home."

 "Lauren!" Sophie shouted, running across the park to me, pulling her tie off as she did so. I know she hated her school uniform, everyone always does. "Me, Alex and Tristan are going camping tonight and wanted to know if you'd like to come too." She asked, stuffing the tie into her school bag, sitting next to me on the bench. 

 "Um, where are you camping?" I asked in response.

 Sophie turned around to face the forest behind us and smiled. "In there." I shook my head rapidly, thinking about everything I'd ever read about. "Awe, come on? What have you got to lose? Nothing's in there except trees, a lake and an abandoned mansion." I sighed, thinking about everything. 

 "Hmm, I don't know... I'll come, but only for you." I said, hanging my head and standing up. "See you later, I guess.."I waved, walking off in the direction of my house. I thought about everything Sophie had said again.. Trees, a lake and an abandoned mansion.. I have a really bad feeling about this. I arrived home about three minutes later. I dumped my school bag in my room, got changed into some jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie before finding a backpack and packing it with clothes, a torch, a video recorder just incase, a sleeping bag and my pocket knife just incase too. I then ran downstairs to find my mum and my sister. "Mum?" I asked, stepping into the kitchen. She turned around to look at me and simply smiled. 

 "Hey Lauren." She said, continuing to cut some carrots. "Where are you going?"

 "Oh, Sophie, Alex and Tristan are going down to the forest tonight and camping there tonight. Can I please go?" I replied, getting some cans of Coke from my fridge and stuffing them into the bag along with some sweets and breakfast bars.

 "Yeah, sure you can, but make sure your phones charged." My mum said, smiling. I smiled back at her and looked over to my sister, Emma. She smiled at me and went back to the picture she was drawing. It was a mansion, like the one in the woods, surrounded by a dark misty fog. And in the background you could see shadows of figures. It sent shivers down my spine but I shook it off. The door bell rang, sending me out of my thoughts. I quickly said goodbye to my family and answered it. Sophie, Alex and Tristan stood outside, all wearing the same as me with bags on their backs. 

 "Come on, lets go." Tristan said, almost pulling me out the door. Alex shut it behind me and we all started to walk towards the forest. The sky began to turn a very dark red as we entered the forest. A fog covered most of the ground, making us all cautious. "Anyone got a torch?" Tristan asked, turning around to look at us. I nodded and dug it out of my bag before handing it to him. He turned it on and continued to walk. We walked and walked for a while until we came across an opening, perfect for a camp site. To the left of the opening was an abandoned blue Volvo covered in mud with something stuck on the side of it. 

 "Maybe we should go and find some fire wood." Alex suggested, flipping his brown hair out of his eyes. I nodded and started walking around the site, looking for some wood. 

 "Hey, um, Lauren.. Do you know what this is?" Tristan shouted from the blue Volvo, waving at me. I rushed over to him along with Sophie and Alex and looked at what he was pointing at. I looked at it carefully and then gasped, realising what it was. It was a page, a page with the word 'No' written on it about 15 times and in the middle a scribbled picture of Slender Man.

 "We have to leave this place, now. I told you I had a bad feeling about it.. Oh, no I didn't, I was suppose to tell you that." I said, walking away from the page. Tristan picked it up and suddenly a cold wind whistled through the forest. "Tristan! You really shouldn't of done that! You have no idea what you've done!"