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Next To Me (A Seth Rollins Love Story) *DONE*
Story published September 29, 2013 · updated December 7, 2013 · completed · 25 pages · 1,270 readers · 22,352 reads
Chapter 22
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Chapter 22

-after the show you change into this:

-after Seth was done getting ready you guys head to meet with Jon-

-with Jon-

Jon: Thankyou both for coming by

Seth: Whats up?

Jon: Well I have something to offer you Saige and that is being apart of the cast of Total Divas

You: Really?

Jon: Yep

You: So were does Seth play into this?

Jon: Of course since its about your personal life he as well as the rest of the Shield will be feautured on the show

You: Do I have to give you an answer right know?

Jon: No you can give it to be tomorrow if you'd like that way you'd have time to talk to Seth,Dean and Roman

You: Allright thanks Jon I will defiently be thinking about this

Jon: Allright

-you all stand up and shake hands then you and Seth head outside to his car-

-when you get in Seth leans over and gives you a sweet kiss-

Seth: You want to room together

You: What about Roman and Dean?

Seth: There rooming together so Im by myself

You: Sure Tyson is back anyways so Nattie is with him

-he gives you another kiss and you two drive to the hotel-


-you change into some pj's, you were laying in the bed channel surfing when your phone chirps with a text from Nattie-

Nattie: Hey who are u rooming with since im with Tyson?

You: Seth actually

Nattie: Really going against your dad arent you know?

You: I dont really care he isnt in control of my life

Nattie: I know hun... I heard your possibly going to be on Total Divas

You: Yeah Jon asked me tonight and im really thinking about doing it

Nattie: It would be fun

You: Yeah it would

Nattie: Well I got to go we are traveling early... Luv ya Saige

You: Love you to Nattie bye

-you plug your phone in and Seth comes out of the bathroom and climbs into the bed next to you-

-you cuddle down and put your head on his shirtless chest-

-he starts to twirl your hair-

Seth: How'd I get so lucky

You: I think I should be askin that

Seth: I talked to Dean and Roman they said it would be cool if you did Total Divas

You: Awesome

Seth: Also I told them to go on ahead without us

You: We traveling by ourselves

Seth: Yeah I think we could use it

-you smile-

You: I love you Seth Rollins

Seth: I love you to Saige McMahon

-he kisses your head goodnight then you fall asleep-