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Story published October 1, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 32 pages · 2,125 readers · 19,228 reads
#3 He looks after
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#3 He looks after you when you break a bone.

You broke your arm after slipping on some water in the kitchen.
"Beauuuuuuuuuuuu!" You call from the living room where you were lead on the sofa with about 100 pillows and blankets. You hear your boyfriend heave himself off of the chair in the dining room and slowly walks into the living room.
"Yes? What can I do for Y/N?" Beau asks with a tone of impatience. He had been up and down all morning waiting on you, hand and foot.
You smile at him sweetly. "Will you watch this film with me? I'm bored in here all on my own". Beau sighs and shakes his head.
"Y/N! You know I have to work. I've taken the day off at being at work but that doesn't mean I don't have to do my work" Beau says.
Your head falls a little and you look at him with puppy eyes. "Okay Beau. I understand. I'll just watch it on my own". You continue to stare at him with that expression you know he cant say no to.
"Y/N, don't do that face! Oh God! Move up then!" Beau said. You smile and shuffle up the sofa making room for him. "So what we watching then? " He asks putting your legs on his lap.
You look over at him. " I was thinking .... Umm. How about you chose" You say.
Beau sighs and pushes your legs off of him and goes to chose a film.

Luke -
You break your leg after falling out of a tree you were climbing with your friend.
"Can I get you anything else, Y/N?" Luke asks looking at you worriedly. You smile and hold on to his hand.
"I'm fine Luke. Please go. Don't change your  plans because of my stupid accident!" You say trying to push him off your bed.
"I'm not going anywhere! Not when my beautiful, injured girlfriend cant get out of bed without my help" Luke said, getting his phone out of his pocket. " I think I will just ring Jai and tell him I cant go and we'll spend the day in bed" Luke said already ringing his brother before you could protest. You smile and flop your head down on the pillow, hearing Luke explain what you had done.

Jai -
You break three of your rips and your wrist in a car accident.
"No way are you going out tonight Y/N!" Jai says to you standing in front of your wardrobe. "Y/N, you've have just been in a car accident where you've broken three of your rips! You cant laugh without crying in pain. Nope your not going" Jai says crossing his arms over his chest.
"Jai." You say sternly. He holds his pose. " Move now. " He shakes his head. "Fine I'll just go in my underwear then." You say a slight smile on your lips. You walk towards the door, Jai runs to get in the way." Your not going Y/N" . You make a dash for the wardrobe but collapse in pain. Jai rushes over to you and collects you in his arms.
"Awh baby! Please don't cry, it's okay. We'll get in you into bed with a hot water bottle and we'll watch a film. How does that sound?" You nod, sniffling. Jai puts you down very carefully trying to avoid causing you pain. He strokes your hair off of your face and wipes the tears away. " I'm sorry babe. That was kinda my fault". You nod. " Yep it was!"

James -
You break your hand after you drop a heavy object on it.
"James!" You call. You are sat in your bedroom trying to get dressed with only one hand. "James! Help me!" You shout again.
"I'm coming!" He calls as you hear him run up the stairs. You are sat in your underwear on the bed. "How can I help you babe?" James asks coming to stand in front of you.
"I need you to help me get changed, please?" You ask feeling rather down at the lack of things you can do for yourself.
"Of course I'll help, Y/N/N" James said pulling you up. " What do you need me to do?"
"Well first can you help me put my jeans on" You sat pointing to some skinny blue jeans on the back of you chair. James walks over and picks them up.
"How are we going to do this?"

Daniel -
You break your arm after playing netball.
"Daniel how am I going to shower?" You say nearly crying." I smell!" You and Daniel are standing in the bathroom, you wrapped in a towel.
"Just stick your arm out" Daniel said laughing. He sees your face and realises it wasn't funny. "Look just have a bath and hold your arm out. I promise it wont get wet" He says taking you in his arms and kissing you on the forehead.
"How will I wash my hair?" You say into his chest.
"I'll wash your hair" He says rubbing your back.


Hey, hope you liked this! Send me any requests and I'll try and do some if I can think of any :) Comment, like, all that jazz , if you would like to. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you :)
P.S sorry for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. I'm rubbish at proof reading my work.