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Attack on Titan One-Shots~
Story published October 3, 2013 · updated December 25, 2013 · 17 pages · 3,743 readers · 18,524 reads
C'mon Fools~!
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C'mon Fools~!

Soooo.....I want one, or all 20 of you to start requesting~ I'm so bored and don't really want to work on one of my 14 or 15 other stories.

Here's all the info I'm gonna need:

1. I need your name or specify if you want it a Character x Reader.

2. specify what sort of scenario you want. For instance, the weather, circumstance, setting. Do you want a goofy, silly, cute story, or do you want yourself or someone else to be on the verge of death, or sad, or in some sort of mentally depressed state.

3. If you do want a Character x OC one shot then tell me about you or your character's personality and looks.

I do take requests for Female!Reader x Female!Character and Male!Reader x Male!Character also, so don't be shy~

Lastly, I do NOT do smut, lemon, lime, or any of that sexy time business. That's a no-no. My little sister reads my stories on occasion. Awesome, I love you!