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Fallen Angels -Sequel to Reunited Again- *Finished*
Story published October 3, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · completed · 302 pages · 83 readers · 316 reads
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So here we are. Where Sam, Dean and Brooke last left off, Angels were falling to earth in fireballs because Metatron had taken over heaven in a very sneaky fashion. Castiel was expelled first, stripped of his powers, turned human before he was sent back down from heaven. Thousands upon thousands of Angels followed in his wake. Before all this came to be, it started with Dean coming out from Purgatory. All three had then set out to find Kevin Tran. Eventually his mother got involved in everything, and she was put in danger a lot. Basically the group had been chasing this table that would close the gates of hell forever, all the demons being trapped there once again, never being able to come back out and possess anyone. Aside from that, they did the usual cases of kookiness and creepiness. The things they came across however...teens turning into wolves, vampires, Olympus gods, a golem..hell they even went through to really crazy stuff. Like the world was a cartoon, video game nightmares, even LARPing in medieval times. Whatever kept them busy. Castiel was acting weird to them at first, and it was just one big mess. That was until Metatron got into the picture and fooled everything into thinking that he was there to help them, when in reality he was just getting them to trust him, so that he could carry out his plan of taking over heaven. And Sam's life was saved somewhat, because if he had killed Crowley he would be dead right now. But he still is in a severe amount of pain and they don't know what's happening to him. So that leads them to now, where who knows what will unfold now that the angels have fallen to earth to live amongst the humans.