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My New Grin [Diabolik Lovers]
Story published October 4, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · 12 pages · 12,763 readers · 80,734 reads
Ruki Mukami

Ruki Mukami

He's supposedly the brains of this household and family. . .

You ran your mind with thoughts as you moved in the bed. You were in your short nightgown, nothing too revealing but it was comfortable. You sighed as you looked at the closed window, the curtains covering it and preventing any light to come in. You sighed as you kept thinking.

He wasn't even a real vampire to start off with. . . He turned into one.

You started again. You felt the empty side of the bed dint slightly, feeling a warm presence behind you. The lights were turned off, that's for sure, and his arms were wrapped around your waist to bring you closer towards him. Yeah, you shared a bed with this male called Ruki Mukami. he was very, very hot.

You felt him breathe down your neck, feeling his hot breath against the nape of your skin. It sent shivers to your body and he felt it, causing him to let out a low chuckle. You turned around, somehow being able to see his beautiful, gray eyes in the dark, already knowing where every part of his body was located.

And somehow he isn't so cold hearted around me. . .

You let him do what he wanted with your neck, feeling him lick slightly with his warm, moist tongue, all the way to the side of your ear which sent another pair of chills throughout your body. He get nibbling there, a soft gasp escaping your lips as it felt so damn good in how it felt.

He stopped shortly, feeling him smile slightly. He was always so
cruel hearted around others, but he was different against you. Like if he had a soft spot for you. You cupped his face in your hands, feeling the smooth skin. He was so attractive, it hurt you.

It feels what I think it is but he never once said it. . . He just does it.

You felt his lips against your own, feeling how cool they felt. he just came out of the bathroom, washing his face as he said. If he didn't confined his heart to anyone, they can sense the brutality that came from him. But you felt like he trusted you with it. It didn't seem right but it felt like it was.

He held you close against your body, making you smile faintly in the kiss. He felt the texture of the gown, feeling it was silk. He pulled away, your head digging onto the pillow.

"Goodnight Ruki. . ." You softly said.

"Goodnight." He said back, feeling him still hold you.

Whatever it was that attracted him towards me, it must be close to love.

//oh my god you guys- I'm sorry if I kill the Mukami brothers personalities since I haven't really seen them in a way like I did with the Sakamaki brothers. I'm trying, so please bare with me! Also, if you want you can help me by giving me hints with their personalities and such. I already have the Diabolik Lovers Wikia as a source. c:
I can't even explain this series-
I just-

Sorry but no requests are being taken at the moment.
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