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Kidnapped (A Ray-Ray and Roc Royal love story)
Story published October 5, 2013 · updated January 7, 2014 · completed · 11 pages · 2,749 readers · 17,542 reads
Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

(May 30)
After what happen yesterday, Chancey couldn't stop thinking: Roc likes me? She likes Ray more than Roc. But she can't figure out one thing: Will Ray and Roc compete for her love? She walk to Prince's room and knock on his door. Prince open the door and look at Chancey.
"What's up, Chance?" Prince asked her.
"Can I come in?" Chancey asked. Prince nodded and let her in. Chancey looked around. There green walls, blue, red and green peace signs and a water bed. "Nice room." Chancey said.
"Thanks. So, can I help you?" Prince asked. Chancey sat on the water bed and said, "Ray and Roc likes me. But my mom always said: Choose one man to be with." Prince walked up to her and touch under her chin. Prince look in her eyes.
"I see why. Chancey, you are beautiful." Prince said. Chancey smiled at Prince. Chancey heard Ray groaned.
"I must check on Ray. I'll be back." Chancey said running to Ray's room.

Chancey look in Ray's room to see him still sleeping. the blanket is on his waist, showing his abs. Chancey smiled and walked back to Prince's room.

"Chancey, as I was saying, you are beautiful. I like you. Kiss me."  Prince said to Chancey holding her hands. Chancey look down and smiled. Prince lift her head and kiss her lips softly. Chancey look at Prince's muscles and thought: Man, he's tough. Prince kiss deeply in Chancey's mouth. Prince look at Chancey and sees Chancey looking down. He stop kissing Chancey and look at Chancey.
"Hey, are you okay?" Prince asked. Chancey shook her head and push Prince on the bed. She ran to Ray's room and starts crying next to Ray. Ray turn to Chancey and said,"Babe, are you crying?"
"Yeah." Chancey said.
Ray wrap his arms around Chancey's waist. Chancey face Ray and Ray sees Chancey's tears.
"Chancey, it's okay." Ray said with grace.
Chancey shook her head and said, "I have 3 boys liking me. Then Prodigy is going to like me then I'm going have to choose my boy. But I don't want to hurt anyone feelings."
Ray sit up and said, "Wait, Prince like you?"
"Yeah." Chancey was scared that Ray was going to hurt Prince
then Roc was coming in here and tried to do something to her.
"Oh, babe. You're mine, okay." Chancey nodded and stared at Ray. Then she starts playing with his braids.
Ray smiled and climbed on top of her. Chancey lay back and rub Ray's sides. Ray smiled big and kissed Chancey's forehead. Then a knock starts. Ray looked at Chancey and Chancey looked at Ray.
"Who is it?" Chancey and Ray said at the same time.
Who will Chancey be with?:
A. Ray-Ray
B. Roc Royal
C. Princeton
D. Prodigy
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