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Kiss The Pain Away
Story published October 5, 2013 · updated November 20, 2013 · 5 pages · 3,268 readers · 18,559 reads
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The cool icy air that circulated through the mansion slapped her bare thighs and because of the outfit she was wearing practically left her whole body was exposed. With crimson licked cheeks, [name] tried to ignore the fact that every single male in the room had their eyes on her. 

"Teddy, doesn't [name] look exceptionally delicious today?" Kanato whispered to his stuffed bear, that he carried everywhere.

"Hmm...did you do this all for me? I find it very appealing, [name]-chan," a voice whispered seductively while lifting up the skirt of the dress giving everyone a view of her [favorite color] frilly panties. "Shall we take this up to my room?"

"S-sto-op!" [name] squeaked out trying to release herself from Laito's tight grip on her arm.

"I believe Yours Truly has the right to say that she's mine," Ayato claimed while grabbing her other arm.

"A-aah... please. Y-your hurt-"

"Hasn't anyone told you not play with something that isn't yours?" a bored voice interrupted.

"Shuu..." Ayato sneered in distaste.

"Since I'm the oldest son, I shall except that you won't touch what's mine." His voice was unexpectedly demanding and harsher than what it usually sounds like. 

"Tch... So now he stops being a lazy ass," Ayato grumbles before leaving the room and the rest of the brothers also leaving the couple alone.

"[name], your such a naughty girl. Showing yourself off to my brothers, you know how much that makes me mad," Shuu mumbled softly into the crook of her neck.

"B-but...Shuu-sama, y-you were the one who made me wear this outfit in the first place!" [name] squeaked as she felt his warm tongue slide it's way up her neck.

"Are you talking back, [name]-chan? To your own master?"

"N-n-no. Shuu-sama I didn-"

Gently grabbing her chin, Shuu placed soft kisses across the surface of her cheeks all the way to her lips. "Your family has been under the control of the Sakamaki family way before even my father. You were born for the very reason of being a slave to me, I was raised to treat like an object and resent you. But sadly, I don't think its really possible to ignore you any longer. I've fallen in love with my very own servant."

note: ahh...Shuu is so sexy. :)

"Love is such a waste of time, but you make it worth it."