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CreepyPasta BoyFriend Scenarios
Story published October 5, 2013 · updated 2 months ago · 32 pages · 3,667 readers · 24,243 reads
Your Time Of The M
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Your Time Of The Month

Slender Man
Its your time of the month and you were cranky"(Y/N) please try to calm down"
Slender said trying to calm you down "No never tell a girl to calm down now look
I'm even more upset because you told me to calm down." After a bit more yelling
you calmed down and apologized for yelling at him he forgave you and you two
sat down and watched a movie for the rest of the night.

Jeff The Killer
You were having uncontrollable mood swings and were currently crying. "Come on
(Y/N) I said sorry" Jeff said trying to calm you down "You don't like me anymore"
you were crying because you and Jeff were watching a pageant contest and Jeff
said that one of the girls had a good body and you broke down. It took him 3
hours to calm you down and explain that your body is way better because
unlike hers its not fake.

Ben Drowned
You were very competitive when it was your time and Ben was surprised that you
were able to beat him 5 times in a row. "Dang (Y/N) your amazing" he said in a
complement "Well duh I'm awesome" he looked at you "Oh really well then lets
go best out of 10" you accepted and played eventually winning.

Eyeless Jack
You were having bad cramps and wouldn't eat anything "Come one please eat
something" Jack begged you "No it hurts" you said holding your stomach.
He looked down sad because you were basically starving yourself you felt bad
and took a chicken leg and ate it this made him happy and made your stomach
not hurt as much.

Being the super sweet guy he was he helped you when you were grumpy he left you
alone to calm down when you were crying he was they to comfort to and you were
hungry he made you cheesecake.

You are basically the same

Laughing Jack
You had a bit of a sweet tooth so you and L.J went to the candy shop a lot

Offender Man
Same as Hoodies (Sorry I'm running out of ideas)

You both were on it together so you knew how each other felt at the time

*So next chapter will be Ticci Toby who was suggested by Electra and can someone tell me how to
say his name right*