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My Secret Samoan Love A Jey Uso Love story
Story published October 5, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 139 pages · 1,679 readers · 23,747 reads
Introducing Anna M
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Introducing Anna Marie Rollins

Name: Anna Marie Lopez
Birthday: May 28th 1986.
Family: Colby Lopez (twin brother), Jonathan Good (adopted brother.)
Nick names: Maz (Jon), Princess (Colby), Anna banana (Joe), Beautiful (Josh), Rollins (Josh around people)
Crush/boyfriend: Joshua Fatu
Ring name: Anna Rollins
Ring attire: like Maria's
Entrance music:.
Bio: Hey I'm Anna Marie Lopez. Yup I'm Colby Lopez better known as Seth Rollins twin sister. Unfortunately he is the older twin. He uses that as an excuse to be super protective of me. Between him and Jonathan better know as Dean Ambrose it's seriously like I'm in the witness protection program. Ever since I met Jon he's been like a brother to me. If anyone hurts me he and Colby are the first to my aid. What my brothers don't know is I am secretly dating Joshua Fatu better known as Jey Uso. He is amazing, but my brothers don't like him because of a rivalry they are having with Josh and Jono. We have been together for two years. Well any way I have to go Colby and Jon need me.