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A Vampire's Deal
Story published 11 months ago · updated 2 months ago · completed · 46 pages · 19,014 readers · 164,084 reads
Chapter One
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Chapter One

Chapter 1
Sammy's P.O.V
        I sat around with five boys, we were all around the age of 16 and we had similar looks. Everyone had dark hair, light eyes and skinny figures, no abs, just skinny. No one was allowed to wear real clothing, so we had to sit around in blood red robes, waiting.  We weren't allowed to leave the room either, we got food when we got it. In the room there was a door that led to a small bathroom, with a toilet and a shower. There were also five small cots, and one dresser that held more robes.
        "Samuel, A lady said opening the door. I looked up at her, shaking my head. I didn't want to go with her, she would take me to our Master. No one wanted to go there, it wasn't any secret that everyone hated going there. Master wasn't a nice guy, he was a Vampire, and all he wanted from us was sex, and blood. We were all lucky no one was dead yet. "Samuel, come," She repeated. I shook my head again, backing up closer to the wall as everyone started at me. She sighed. "Fine. Alexander, come," She said. He looked at me, probably wishing that he could shake his head too, and not have to go. "Come on, he's waiting," She hissed. Alexander quickly got up and followed closely behind her. 
        Once the door closed everyone looked at me again, they all knew I was the oldest."Why didn't you go?" One of the four boys asked. I couldn't remember his name, since it wasn't a normal name I'd heard. 
        I looked down, I wasn't much for talking, they all knew that. They were lucky I told them why they were here and what they needed to do, so Master wouldn't just kill them.
        "Sam?" the same boy asked. I looked up at him.
        "I-I didn't want to go," I whispered out. I pressed myself closer to the wall, bring my legs up to my chest.
        "We all don't Sam," The boy hissed at me. I glanced up at them, the other three were looking away but one boy that was sitting across from me glared.
        "I'm sorry." I whispered as the door opened, slamming against the wall as it did. I looked up to see Master. He didn't look happy and Alexander, who was in his grip, didn't either. Alexander looked up at me as he was pushed over to his bed, and Master walked into the room. He walked over to me, grabbing my arms and pulling me up off the bed. I kept my head down as he dragged me from the room. I didn't try fighting, there wasn't any use. 
        It wasn't long before he pushed me into his room, and to his bed. As he did that, he pulled on the tie on my robe, and the front fell open as I laid there staring up at the ceiling. I tried not paying attention to him as he kissed, licked, and bit all over my body. I always did this and he didn't care as long as I didn't fight back.
        "I like you, Samuel." He whispered to me as he moved up to lay next to me. Still I didn't look at him, I couldn't, that was a rule. He took his hand under my chin making me face him, "Why didn't you come when I asked?" He asked staring into my eyes with his blood red ones, much like the color of our robes. It made sense now, kind of, since everything was in red. Though he had black hair, which I guess that's why everyone else did, even the lady that retrieves us does. "Answer, Samuel." He hissed looking over my face as he ran his fingers down the side of my cheek.
        "I-I..." I started,  looking away. 
        "Are you scared, Samuel?" He asked as I looked back up to him, I nodded. Just once that was enough for him. He smiled before moving my head back and over some. I could feel his lips on my neck, kissing the  spot he would normally bite down on, but he didn't this time.
        He pulled away, getting up from the bed. He walked around the bed, to the side I was, pulling me up from it. He looked over me smiling, before making me look up at him. He reached up, caressing my cheek before moving down and tying the robe up. "I'll make you a deal," he said looking over me once, then again before meeting my eyes. "I'll let you go," he added. I didn't say anything. "But, if I find you again, you're mine." He said looking me in the eyes. I only stared, not believing what he was saying. "Samuel?" he asked, I looked away before I nodded. He smiled before taking my hand and leading me from the room and through the house till we stopped at a door. He looked back down at me, staring. "One last thing." He said before leaning down. He placed his lips on top of mine quickly before pulling away and opening the door.
        I looked outside, it was dark and it looked like it could rain. I looked back up at Master, he only smiled before pushing me outside and closing the door. I looked back into the darkness as I started running away from the house. 

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