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Jeff the Killer and Jane the Killer Part 3
Story published October 10, 2013 · updated 10 months ago · 29 pages · 91 readers · 544 reads
Chapter 10: Jane&#
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Chapter 10: Jane's Surprise

<Jane's POV>
        I woke up a few hours later to hear two people talking.  I peek through the crack in my door to see Jeff and Sally.  "Jeff, can I ask you a question?"  Sally asks.
        "Of course."
        "Do you like Jane?"
        Jeff sighs and lowers his head.  "No point in lying to you.  Yes, I like Jane."  I am completely stunned by what he just said.  I never thought Jeff could feel that way about anyone.
        Sally smiles and says, "I think Jane likes you also."
        Jeff looks at her and smiles.  "Look, I know you like the idea of me and her being together, but why would she like me.  First of all, I can't even smile without bleeding, and secondly, I don't have any eyelids, so that freaks people out.  All I have ever done is cause her pain and suffering.  She says she forgives me, but I am not sure.  I think she hates me." 
        I then whisper, "Oh Jeff.  You have no idea how wrong you are."  I then stalk off to the closet, looking for clothes.

<Jeff's POV>
        "I think she hates me."  I then walk off to the back yard, and turn on my radio.  I put it onto Hero by Skillet, and start to throw knives at my HUGE piece of ply wood.  Each handle of my knives are colored, so I decide to make a rose bush.  Within a few minutes I am about a quarter into it, and then I notice movement in the door way.

<Jane's POV>
        I rub the lip stick onto my lips, leaving a trail of black.  I am wearing a thin strapped, short, black dress.  Black high heels, and a black choker.  I look at my black wig and mask on my bed and think, 'Jeff doesn't hide how he looks, and that is why he is so handsome.  How about I don't hide how I look then?'  I then braid my real, brown hair into a loose braid, and throw it over my shoulder.  I look into the mirror.  I see that my skin has nearly healed, all there is these patches of leather, so I peel those off.
        I then head to the back yard to see Jeff throwing knives.  I notice that he is making a rose bush, so I just stand in the door way, watching him.  After a few seconds, he notices me.  He stops throwing knives, and looks at, completely stunned.  "Jane?  You are absolutly beautiful.  Why are you dressed up though?"
        I smile, a little embarassed, "I wanted to play dress up with Sally, but I couldn't find her."  Jeff just stands there, looking at me.  Then The Last Night by Skillet started to play.  I whisper, "I like this song."
        He nods.  "It's a good song to dance too."
        "Do you dance?"
        He shakes his head.  "No, I only watch during parties.  When this song comes on, people grab the person they are dating, and they start dancing to it."
        "Why don't you?"
        "Because I hate dancing."
        "Have you ever tried."
        "Then here."  I walk over to him and loop my arms around his neck.  "Now you put your hands on my waist."  He hesitates, but does it.  I show him how to move to the beat of the song.  Half way through, I smile.  "You are really good at this."  I then see Sally, sitting in a tree.  She is making a heart sign.  I just simply roll my eyes.
        At the end of the song, I look him right in the eyes, tilt my head to the right, lean in and press my lips against his.  Gently at first, then a full kiss.  He is a little bit surprised, but then quickly returns the kiss.  When we pull away, we both have huge grins on.  I see Sally in the back ground with her mouth, wide open in surprise.  Then Masky and Hoody walk through the door.  "Hey Je- Oh, are we interrupting something?" Masky says.  I quickly pull away, blushing slightly.  
        "N-no."  I stutter. 
        "What ever.  Jeff, we were wondering if you and your 'girlfriend', would like to face us in a tag team match tommarow."
        "Can't, I'm busy tommarow."
        "What about day after tommarow?"
        Jeff looks at me.  "What do you think?"
        I shrug, "Sure."
        "Then we accept."
        They walk away, and I ask, "What are you busy with tommarow?"
        "I will just show you."
        Suddenly, Sally jumped on his and spoke in a sing song voice, "I saw you two kiss!"
        I blush and figure might as well not lie to her.  "Okay, you got us.  We kissed."
        She jumps down and looks at both of them.  "Does that mean you two are dating?"  Jeff looks at me, and I instantly can tell that he has never been in this position before.
        I smile, walk over to him, and take his hand in mine.  "Yes.  Yes it does."

<Jeff's POV>
        Did I hear her right?  Did she just answer's Sally's question about us dating with a 'yes.'  Well okay then.  "Come on.  I will show you what is going to keep me busy tommarow."  Sally's eyes lit up.
        "Can I come."  
        I shrug.  "Sure, why not?"  I then lead them into the forest.

I do not own any of the Creepypastas, so please don't sue.  This story is meant for entertainment only.