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Battlefield- a marauder era love story
Chapter 7
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Chapter 7

"WHAT? THATS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!" My brother screamed at me. Let's just say I mentioned the animagus idea to him..
"It will take ages potter and not to mention if the potions done wrong it could kill us" black sneered.
"What and continuing to tackle a werewolf in human form is so much safer" I retorted sarcastically. He rolled his eyes.
"Can you two leave it alone for one second" my brother yelled in frustration. 
"He/she started it" we both yelled at the same time, but shut up after James sent us both a glare. 
"How do you know this is going to work, and we won't get hurt. The potion can take years to perfect." James said turning back to me. 
"That's why I've been working on it since year three. The potions finished, I tried it out last week. Guys, I'm officially an illegal animagus." I said proudly. Black looked impressed while my brothers over protective mode kicked in.
"What!? You know how dangerous that could have been! What if you got hurt!!.." He was going to say more but I cut him off. 
"Oh shut it with the what if's, they didn't happen did they" I shot at him. He just grumbled. 
"Let's see then" he said when he had calmed down abit. I concentrated really hard on my fox form. Before I knew i was opening my eyes and looking up at Sirius and James from my fox form. Did I really just call him Sirius..? James was the first to speak.
"Woah, so we just drink the potion and then concentrate really hard and stuff?" He asked.
"Pretty much, it takes a lot of practise though" I thought. 
"Woah how did she do that, get out of my head" black said holding his head. 
"We need cool marauder nicknames now, they can depend on our animagi and Remus's on his werewolf state" Peter said, speaking up for the first time. I'd kind of forgotten he was here.. 
"Remus should be Wolfy" James said proudly at his idea. I rolled my eyes.
"Yeah coz that doesn't half give it away, what about something like moony?" I suggested. Black started holding his head again.
"I like that" James said. Black and peter nodded.
"How about jay can be vixen because vixens a female fox" Peter suggested. Hm I think there are better names.
"What about red? Because foxes are red and her hair goes red when she's angry which is all the time?" Black suggested and I shot him a foxy glare. 
"I like red better than vixen. No offence peter" I thought. 
"Red it is" James said. I turned back Into my animagus form and walked over to get the potion. We are in the room of requirement if anyone's wondering. Remus is asleep because full moon is coming up. 
"Drink some of this" I said handing it to each of them. 
"And now we practise" I said as they gave me the potion back. I had a feeling it was going to be a long night.. 
"Concentrate harder black" I said, clearly frustrated. He narrowed his eyebrows and concentrated more. 
"Well you have a tail. That's a start" I said looking at the black thing emerging from his butt. Black yelped.
"My beautiful bum cheeks!" He cried.
"Oh shut up" I rolled my eyes.
"Just because your bum cheeks aren't beautiful" 
"Excuse me my bum cheeks are pretty fabulous thankyou very much" 
"Hello, brother in the room" James said breaking us from our argument. 
"Everyone shut up and go back to trying" I sighed. About ten minutes later I heard peter shriek. I turned around and where James was two seconds ago is a stag! 
"I did it!" James' voice yelled with delight in my head. 
"Ugh when am I going to get used to that" black groaned. 
"Welcome to the marauders prongs. You may now join red and moony." I smiled at my idea of his new name. 
"I like prongs" James said. Black and peter agreed and everyone went back to work. I was helping peter and black while James practised transforming in and out. 
"Really concentrate, block everything out" I told black. 
"I'd really like to block you out" he grumbled and I stuck my tongue out at him. Not a moment later, black had transformed into a huge black dog!
"I did it!!" He yelled, well in our heads anyway. 
"I'm a dog!" 
"We can see" I said shaking my head. 
"What can my name be?" He asked, wagging his tail. 
"Tails?" James suggested. 
"Nah" we all said. 
"Black?" I asked. 
"What? He's a black dog and his last names black so everyone will think that's where it came from" I defended when everyone gave me a look.
"What about pad foot?" Sirius suggested. 
"That has a nice ring to it. Welcome
Pad foot" James smiled. Now for peter. Half an hour later I yelled out a cry of delight as Peter turned into a rat. 
"Wow, how much smaller did you want to get peter" James joked. 
"Good work peter. Now what can your name be?" I said. 
"Rat tail?" Sirius suggested.
"Nah coz his tail looks more like a
Worm" James said.
"That's it!" Peter chimed in.
"What worm?" We all asked.
"No worm tail!" Peter said, changing back into human.
"Perfect. Well it's getting late, I'm going to bed. Coming red, worm tail and prongs?" Black said walking out of the room of requirement. I felt proud of us all. That's one obstacle down, one to go. Now tomorrow, we tackle Remus. 
I know I know short. Well here's the thing. I don't really know where this story is heading love interest wise so I don't have much more to write. I can't decide wether I want her to end up with Remus or Sirius. So what I'm going to do is hold a competition. You guys have til a week from now, so Wednesday Australian time, to comment who you want to see jaylyn end up with. This time next week I will count all the votes and see who the winner is! Wether I announce it or let you guys wait to find out depends on how I'm feeling :p you have a week, so please comment! Sirius or Remus guys? 

If we can't surrender 
we're both gonna lose what we had