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Love song (Glee)
Story published October 12, 2013 · updated 3 weeks ago · 38 pages · 357 readers · 4,415 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

Alison's P.O.V. (It will be Alison's P.O.V. most of the story)

"Come on Ally wake up!!" I groan putting a pillow over my head "Ally! Wake up or i will write on your walls!" I quick jump up from my nice warm bed "Noooooo!!" I scream i know i act like a little kid but don't worry sometimes i act mature "Come on we have to go soon!" Brittany smiles handing me a outfit "Fine but i really dont want to go" I mumble heading to the bathroom to change.  "See you after school" Brittany says after we get to the entrance of McKinley high the school "Umm we go to the same classes..." I say laughing "Oh yeah well then lets go!" she smiles opening the door. We both went opposite directions she is probably going to see Santana "Hey stupid" I turn around and see the one and only Quinn Fabray and her little group "Umm hi..." I say nervously looking down "So when will you die?" I hear her chuckle and look up seeing we drew a crowd "Huh? What to scared to stick up for yourself?!" Quinn smirks crossing her arms over her chest (OR is it stomach... cause i mean seriously... well thats besides the point) "Go bother someone else Quinn" I turn and see Brittany with Santana "I-its ok" I say biting my lip "See she doesn't need some dopes to stick up for her" Quinn laughs well thats about it in about a flash of light my fist was in contact with Quinn's face I keep punching after she falls "Ally!" I get pulled away from Quinn by Brittany "Shhh calm down" she hugs me "Alison, Santana and Brittany  office now! Quinn go to the nurses office" I hear Sue Sylvesters voice booming through the hall way. "Alison detention after school" Sue says sitting down in her 'special' chair "WHAT!?! That isn't fair Quinn started it!!!" I yell standing up from the chair I was sitting on "Alison" Santana puts a hand on my shoulder "It didn't look like it to me it looked like you attacked her for no reason" "What!! I DIDN'T!!" I yell slamming my fists on her desk "Look i don't care if she punched you first or if you punched her first i saw you punch her now leave and as for you Santana and Brittany after school you have to write a 100 word apology letter" Sue says dialing someone on her phone "They didn't do anything!" I yell again "So?" Sue puts down the phone looking up "You are the worst principal ever" I growl slapping her before getting held back by Brittany and Santana "Leave" Sue growls "Shh come on" Brittany says opening the door hugging me.
-After school and after detention- 
"Hey wanna go to the park?" Brittany asks as Santana,Brittany and I walk out "Sure" Santana says taking Brittany's hand.  "Hey look it's Ms.detention" I turn around and see Quinn with two guys and another girl "What do you want now Fabray?" I ask rolling my eyes "Where's your little group of lesbians?" Quinn smirks and the others chuckle "Oh please you need a group everytime i see you because you're scared that i will beat you up" my lips turn up a little "I'll give you 40 dollars to punch her and 100 to beat her up" one of the guys says making a fist "I don't need your money for you to beat her up" Quinn steps back smirking.

                                           Hi guys just wanted to say
                Thank you for reading and also heart,comment
Also sorry if i get somethings wrong about people or things also this is a mix of the seasons 1-5
Also i have to make some things up since there are only 3 episodes of season 5 so please don't get mad at me.
                                      Thanks for reading!