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Invader Zim x Reader - ZADR
Story published October 13, 2013 · 1 page · 682 readers · 828 reads
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On the outside,Zim thinks that Dib is a filthy stinking human,but on the inside,Zim has...sort of...have...feeling for him.... 

"Gir!",Zim yelled to Gir  "Watch over the  house while I'm gone ok"

"Ok master", Gir replied as Zim walked out the door.

When Zim walked out the door,he sees Dib out in the opening.

"Dib!",Zim yelled "What are you doing here?!"

Dib took a deep breath before answering,"I love you Zim!"

Zim was shocked  to what he was hearing," do?", Zim questioned.

"Yes I do",Dib exclaimed "Now come here!" Dib was getting closer to Zim's face and he kissed his lips

After the kiss was over,Zim gasped in relif 

"Oh my god...",Zim said 

"So Zim,do you like the Dib now?", Dib questioned Zim

Zim's response was......" You FILTHY STINKIN' HUMAN!!", Zim screamed  "THAT WAS DISGUSTING!!"

"Whatever Zim",Dib said to Zim as he walked away.

"He'll never know that I love him back...",Zim said to himself