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Teen Wolf Preferences
Story published October 13, 2013 · updated 8 months ago · 101 pages · 7,336 readers · 115,582 reads
5: First Kiss
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5: First Kiss

Note: Gifs aren't mine obviously. Credit to their owners. Enjoy the preference. 
You and Scott have only been on one date. This was your second, only you weren't going out anywhere. You both wanted to just have a movie date at his house, and order a pizza. It was simple but fun. The movie was over and you'd finished the pizza. Glancing at the clock, you saw it was nearly your curfew. "I gotta go, but I had a lot of fun tonight." You said, looking at Scott straight in the eyes. He smiled slightly before placing a gentle kiss on your lips. 

Your first kiss with Stiles was sweet, and not awkward at all. You were on your first date, but you'd known each other forever. Only just recently did you got decided to bring it up a step from only being friends. You both were just smiling at each other for a moment when he leaned in to kiss you. It was a soft and sweet kiss. But there were plenty more to come afterward

You and Derek had been dating for a few weeks. So you both had been on several dates together. Your first kiss together was on a hot summer day. You were at the pool together, and you had jumped in pulling him in with you. When you came up from the water Derek pulled you close. Your hands wrapped around his shoulders/neck and you both began kissing each other. The kiss was amazing, but not as good as the one afterward. 

Your's and Issac's kiss was the classic goodnight kiss, on your front porch. You had been to a restaurant for dinner. You didn't want him to go, but you were five minutes away from the time you had to be home and in bed. You sighed as you were telling Issac goodbye. He was hugging you, but instead of just letting go, he did something a thousand times better. He kissed you. It was short but sweet. When you pulled away, you couldn't help but just smile at him. Even after he left that smile was glued to your face. 

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