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Love And War (A Carl Grimes Love Story)
Story published October 14, 2013 · updated October 25, 2013 · 3 pages · 313 readers · 567 reads
Who Are You?
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Who Are You?

Carl's POV:
I sit there on my bed, early in the morning, in the cell block, wondering if I should tell them or not. No, I shouldn't, they won't like me. My Dad would probably kick me out of the group. I don't stand a chance on my own.

Daryl walks in when I start to stand up, picking up a somewhat clean shirt to put on.
"Hey scamp, whatcha doin'?" He asks.
"Just getting dressed," I say as I pull the shirt over my head. "Where's Dad?"
"He's outside with Michonne. He said something about seeing some kid walking around." Daryl says.
"Oh. Some kid walking around? How'd would they get in, this place is so secure that a squirrel couldn't get in." I say.
"That's not true, one got in yesterday. Where do you think your supper came from?" Daryl asks sarcastically.
I can't help but smile at this. "Whatever, Daryl." I say with that smile.
"Anyway, I came in here to get you because your Dad asked me if I could watch you for the day. Grab your gun, we're headed the woods."

~Three hours later~

So Daryl and I are done with the woods. And now I'm walking around outside. I keep seeing Dad and Michonne walking around with their weapons drawn, and I keep seeing something or someone moving around in the shadows. 
"Hey!" I hear someone whisper so low that I can barely hear it. "Over here!" I hear the voice again. I look over to the direction of the voice and see someone standing there.
"What the hell?" I say and walk over. "Are you the kid they've been seeing walking around?"
"I....I guess." He says.
I notice some stuff about him. He has brown hair, hazel eyes, stands at about 5'3 whereas I stand at 4'11, he has pale skin, freckles, no acne, wears an old hoodie, a pair of gloves, some skinny jeans, and some sneakers, and has a small cut on his right cheek. "...Who are you?"

((A/N: So, I'm just getting back into writing, so if this sucks, sorry :( I hope to get better throughout the chapters. Anyways, we're going to learn Carl's secret next chapter.))