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Three's a Crowd (Sequel to My Hero) ~A Carl Grimes Love
Story published October 14, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 30 pages · 3,679 readers · 23,817 reads
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        We arrived back at the prison and I saw Carl running down to the cars. I rolled my eyes with a groan, jumping out of the car right when it stopped. He did a side step around the cars when he noticed that I was on the other side, now running away from him. "Becca wait!" He called after me but I just kept on walking. He continued to call for me and I could tell his was getting closer. "What do you want!?" I screamed, turning on my heels and facing him. 
        His lips were on mine, awaking the butterflies in my tummy. My body relaxed in his hands and I clutched his hair as I held him closer. It's been so long since I felt the warmth of his soft lips on mine and didn't realize how much I craved it. He broke the kiss and stared into my eyes, still holding me against him. "I'm sorry I haven't been with you these past couple of weeks and I'm sorry I wasn't here for you when you needed me. Rebecca, I still love you, always have and always will." He pecked my lips again and I smiled. The tears streamed down my face and he slowly reached up his hand, wiping them away. 
        "Don't ever do that to me again. I love you too Carl and I don't want anyone taking you away from me." He looked behind his shoulder at Cara who was watching us from the garden and he chuckled. "The world came to an end and she still wears makeup." I laughed, noticing that he was right. "I'll be right back."
        His arms left my waist and he jogged towards the stick-like figure in the garden. When she noticed him coming over she stood up straight, fixed her hair, and put on a smile. Now I was pissed. Carl stood almost three feet in front of her and snatched his hat off of her head, running back to me. I laughed as her jaw dropped and she stared at his disappearing figure. 
        "Here you go babe." He set the sheriff hot on top of my rats nest I called hair. "That's better." He smiled and kissed my cheek. "I'll be back in a few, just gotta talk to my dad." He ran half way down the road until he turned around and yelled "I love you" to me. I blew him a kiss. "I love you too."

        Later that day I walked back to the classroom where Carol was giving the kids 'reading time'. She was reading them a story when I came in, her usual watch sitting beside her. We always had somebody watch us when we taught, but only for a little while. The family's wanted their kids to be extra safe when they weren't around them so Rick ordered a watch. 
        She signaled that it was alright for me to come in. "Sorry to interrupt story time but I have some things for the kids." She nodded with a smile and put the book on her lap. I opened up my pack and handed each boy a truck and a stuffed animal, each girl a doll and a stuffed animal, and I gave Julia her doll, stuffed animal, and her clothes with a snack. "Eat it after dinner." She beamed up at me when she saw the Twinkie and hugged me best she could. "Thanks Becky." She peaked my cheek and I left the room so Carol could continue. 
        Running a hand through my hair I felt the pain in my stomach grow bigger. I haven't eaten all day and I desperately needed to. "Hey I'm going to dinner, care to join?" I looked up at Ryan and sighed. "It's like you read my mind."

        After Ryan and I finished our venison dinner I thought it would be best to tell Beth what happened. I walked to her cell and saw that Daryl was on his way as well. "You going too?" He asked me. I nodded my head. "I thought it would be nice to hear it from a friend." He agreed with me and we approached her cell door together. 
        She laid on her bottom bunk, writing in the journal that Maggie found her on one of the runs she went on recently. She saw us in the doorway and looked up with a smile. "What's up?" She asked, a little curious as to why both of us were there. The sad looks on our faces made her look even more curious. 
        "Zach." Daryl said just loud enough for her to hear him. Her smiled faded and she closed her journal. "He's dead...isn't he?" I nodded and she frowned with a sigh. She slowly got up from her bunk to walk over to a board labeled '30 days without an accident'. She took off the three and the number turned into a zero. 
        Daryl and I looked at each other and then back at Beth, waiting for some sign of sorrow. "What? I don't cry anymore." She walked over to me and wrapped her skinny arms around my torso, giving me a hug. I hugged her back and I heard her sigh again. "I'm glad it wasn't you." She pulled away and moved onto Daryl, giving him the most awkward hug I've ever seen. She hugged him like she hugged me, sad but happy it wasn't him who died, and he didn't know what to do. He patted her arm a little and just waited for the hug to be over.
        "You know." She said, pulling away. "I'm glad I didn't say goodbye. I don't like goodbye's." Daryl nodded. "Me neither." She gave us one last smile and walked back into her cell, turning off her light. "Get some good sleep B." I told her. She replied with a goodnight and I left with Daryl following behind me. 
        "If I didn't know any better I would think that she didn't even like him." I laughed sadly and nodded my head. "She just lost all her tears." He walked me to the outside door and gave me a hug. "I'm happy you haven't lost yours." I laughed and pecked his cheek. "Goodnight Daryl." His lips met my forehead. "Goodnight sweetie."

Love is harder than it seems