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Three's a Crowd (Sequel to My Hero) ~A Carl Grimes Love
Story published October 14, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 30 pages · 3,663 readers · 23,682 reads
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        I climbed up the tower and opened the door to see a smiling Carl sitting on the mattress, candles lit and sappy music pouring from the radio. "Well hello there." He wiggled his eyebrows and I burst out laughing. He frowned as I turned off the radio and blew out the candle, leaving it dark in the small room. I laid on the mattress next to him and his frown disappeared, turning into that smile that I've known to love. 
        He pulled me closer with his arm around my waist and kissed my temple. "I'm glad to be back up here with you." I nodded, sharing the same happiness. "What were you doing in there anyways?" Hoping the answer was believable. "Well my dad asked me to stay in there for a while, help out with Judith and the towns people." His voice sent shivers down my spine. "I didn't really want to because I knew that I would have to be away from you but I had no choice." I showed him that I understood and he seemed to relax in my arms, not noticing that he was tense in first place. 
        "Last question, what's with you and Cara." You could hear the worry and curiosity in my voice. He laughed and his grip got tighter around my waist. "In all seriousness I just think of her as a sister. She kind of reminds me of my mom in a way." His eyes fell at the words that left his mouth and I kissed his soft lips. "I don't think she thinks of you as a brother in any way at all." His adorable laugh escaped his lips and I laughed with him. 
        "You don't have to worry babe. No one can ever take you away from me." I looked out the window at the full moon that seemed to shine on just me and Carl. "I'm not worried about that. I'm worried about someone taking you away from me." He left a kiss on my cheek and traveled down to my neck and went back up again. "I will never leave you." He whispered. I turned my body in his arms so that I was now facing him. "I love you." My head buried in his neck as his rested on my head. "I love you too."

        The next morning I woke up to an empty bed. I was a little disappointed at first but then remembered that Rick needed Carl today in the garden. Ripping the covers off my warm body I rolled out of bed and into my jeans and shirt. I slid on my boots and attached my gun and my knife to my side, swinging my sword over my head and resting it on my back. 
        After I was dressed and armed I walked out the door, passing by the sheriff hat that Carl rarely ever wore. I walked out the door and climbed down the long ladder to the ground. "Someone's up early." I turned my head and saw Michonne standing a few feet in front of me. I smiled. "Yeah, I thought I would get up early in case anyone needed help with anything." She pointed over to the garden and I followed her motion. 
        "Your little boyfriend might need some help. But I think you just might distract him." She chuckled at her comment and I laughed as well. "What about Maggie on watch? Or what about you? You going out today?" She nodded to both questions. "I don't want you coming with me today. I'll be back soon, but Maggie could use some help on watch, she's there by herself." I gave her one last smile before I jogged down to Maggie's tower.  I liked having Maggie and Glenn in the other tower but they totally stole my idea.  
        I ran up to their ladder and started climbing. Then I stopped. Gun shots fired in the prison and screams spilled from the windows. Maggie sprang out her door and looked own at me. "What's going on?!" Panic in her voice. "I don't know." I climbed back down to the ground and hoped and prayed that Julia and Ryan were all right.         
        Carl ran past me and to the front gate where Michonne and her horse just ran out of, she wanted to come back and help. He pulled on the rope and the two door gate opened up for her, a few walkers sliding in. Dropping the rope, the doors shut and he ran for the gun in the lower tower door. I went to help but Maggie stopped me. "I'll do this just go see if she's alright." She knew I was worried about Julia. Without even saying a thank you I sprinted towards the prison and into the door. 
        Women and children ran around the halls, screaming and looking for some kind of exit. I helped some of the scared people to the door and watched them hold their children in fright. After most of them were out I went searching for both Ryan and Julia. I first went to Julia's cell. Cell Block C. And there she was, hiding in the corner of her cell. "Common babygirl." She clung to my shirt as I helped her up off the floor and out the door. "Find Carl and stay with him, I have to find Ryan." She nodded, tears in her eyes. 
        When she turned and ran after Carl I walked back inside and ran to Cell Block D. More people flooded by me in the halls, pushing me aside. I ignored them the best I could until I got to Ryan's cell. Inside were walkers, ten or more of them. I pulled out my knife and killed the walker heading straight for the little girl hiding in her cell. He fell to the floor and I pulled the girl out of the room and into the hall, sending her outside. 
        Daryl saw me and I wished he hadn't. "Go outside!" He ordered. I ignored him and looked in each cell. The bottom cells were either all clear of full of dead walkers. I moved on to the second floor and checked in each one of those. Daryl and Rick followed me up and killed the walkers that I dodged to get to the other side. I did a quick check into each one until I found him, laying on the floor with a pool of blood around his head. 
        I dropped to my knees and crawled over to his motionless body. "Ryan?" I cried out. Shaking his body I hoped for some sign of him being alive. I lifted his head and looked for the source of blood. A big gash about 2 inches long was cut onto the back of his head. It wasn't a bite and I was thankful for that. Resting his bloody head on my lap, I called out for Daryl. 
        He came bounding in the cell and I ordered for some bandages. He did as I said and ran to find some extras we had laying around. I brushed the hair away from his face and placed my hand on his cheek, tears streaming down my face. "Please be okay." His arm raised off the floor and to my face. My eyes lit up with hope and I waited for him to open his eyes. "Becca?" He mumbled. "I'm here. I'm here." His eyes fluttered open and stared into mine. A smile spread over his face and he tried sitting up. "No don't. I need to bandage you up first." 
        His smile got bigger and he pulled me closer. "You were always there for me." His lips pressed against mine in a sweet small kiss. "I'm sorry I haven't." I shook my head. "Don't say that, you were always there for me you just needed time to...recover." He chuckled, pushing my hair out of my face. 
        Just then Daryl came running back into the cell with Carol and Glenn. Glenn and Daryl took Ryan from my arms and carried him out of the cell with Carol right behind them, holding the bandages. I didn't move. I sat on the floor, staring at the spot where he once lay, my jeans now covered in blood. 
        "Becca!" I heard someone calling my name from downstairs but I still didn't move. The calling became closer until Carl was in the cell sitting next to me. "Are you okay? Did you get bit? What's with all the blood?" He bombarded me with questions. "Carl! Just, don't." Screaming his name made him stop the questions. "Sorry, I'm just worried." I stood on my feet and I could feel the blood seep through my pants and cover my legs. "I'm taking a shower." With that I walked out of the cell and down to the showers.

Love is harder than it seems