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Third chances. (LokixReader)
Story published October 15, 2013 · updated December 2, 2013 · 29 pages · 1,023 readers · 6,195 reads
Chapter One.
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Chapter One.

  (A/N): Hey Guys! So, for those of you that don't know, this isn't completely my story. The plot belongs to someone else, but don't worry, I have their permission to use it. This story makes me squeal and I love writing it. Please give feedback, I really do appreciate it. :) 

  Thor felt the anxiety of the fellow Asgardians around him as he stood at his appointed position on the stairs to the right of his father's throne. Above them all sat Odin, staring far ahead at the large doors directly across the throne room, awaiting the arrival of the prisoner he was about to release. "Mother, why is the king allowing-" "Hush, child! That is the All Father's decision; we shouldn't question it." 
  Thor heard these whispers and many more echo across the walls from the many that had gathered. He wagered they had originally come to protest aloud or ask if this were a joke, but upon seeing the grave and serious expressions of Odin's court, had resided to quietly butting out and watching to see the event unfold from the sidelines. Thor could care less what they did. He just wanted his brother back. 
  Odin stood as the last of the crowd gathered inside, said party turning their attention completely to him as soon as he did so, and loudly tapped his scepter to the floor twice. The large doors across the room slowly opened, and a man stepped through them, muzzled and escorted by guards. The crowd murmured and turned grim faced as he passed, some even backing away, but he did nothing but walk forward and stare at the man on the throne before him. The guards halted at the foot of the stairs, and the king of Asgard began to speak. 
  "Loki Laufeyson," Odin's voice boomed throughout the room. "You were locked away for your crime: betraying the realm of Asgard and attempting to overthrow your king." The crowd agreed and whispered in anger, and Thor dreaded what came next.
  "But, I have come at a decision to pardon you because of a request," Odin continued, and Thor noticed Loki's eyes widening slightly at the statement. "made by my son, Thor." The murmurs and angry whispers suddenly blasted into a deafening roar of hisses and outraged cries, the guards lining both sides of the door all the way up to Odin's pedestal barely enough to hold them back. 
  Thor winced at the sound, and Loki stiffened as the guards who had escorted him added to the crowd's complaints with their own. 
  Odin's face turned red with fury, and a bang from the base of his scepter sent a deafening tremor throughout the room. To Thor's relief, the crowd grew dead silent. "Now," Odin's voice trembled a bit in fury, "as I was saying, upon Thor's request, you will be sent, along with Thor, to Midgard, until you are deemed safe to return." Loki's eyes widened further, then sent a merciless glare to Thor, before the god of mischief began struggling at the grip of the guards, muffled curses sounding from behind his muzzle. 
  The crowd of Asgardians began their roar of outrage again, and the throne room turned into a state of complete panic again. Odin quickly descended the stairs from his throne and grabbed Thor by the arm. "Come, we must make preparations for your leave." He signaled to the guards holding Loki back to follow and began making his way towards the door amongst the bustling crowd. "Thor," Odin muttered as the group was jostled. "Yes, father?" "This is the first time I have ever been questioned by my people." He sent a weary glance to Thor. 
"So you had better be successful in your plan."