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Jeff the killer news article
Story published October 16, 2013 · completed · 1 page · 214 readers · 368 reads
Jeff the killer ne
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Jeff the killer news article

A article from a local newspaper, Aumones unknown killer still at large, After weeks of killings the aumones unknown killer is still on the rise. A young boy who survives 1 of the killers attacks and bravely tells his story. “ I had a bad dream and woke up in the middle of the night” says the young boy. “ I saw that the window was open, so i got up to close it then went back to bed but i got the feeling that someone was watching me”. “Then i heard a noise it sounded like breathing so i woke up and right there in front of me was a man in a blood stained white hoodie and his face was white as snow and and his eyes were big and he had black ring around his eyes like he got burnt and he had no eyelids and black hair and the most frightening of all he had a smile carved into his face”. I screamed then the man jumped onto my bed, I kicked i punch i did everything to get him off me but it was no use he put his hand over my mouth and pulled out a knife then said “ GO TO SLEEP”. Before he could plunge the knife into my heart my dad kicked open the door with his 12-gage shotgun before he could pull the trigger the guy through the knife into my dad shoulder like in a bowie knife style. right before he could finish my dad off, we heard sirens from police. then the guy ran down the hallway and broke out to the window, i went to go and see where he went. i looked out the window and no 1 was there its like he disappeared. after that incident i told the police what happen. 1 thing will never forget is that face, those eyes, that face, and especially that smile i will never forget the smile