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I'm Broken *Carl Grimes Love Story*
Story published October 17, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · 30 pages · 1,142 readers · 8,017 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

                                                                                                  Death Road

How have I managed to stay alive all this time? Was it the whole "I'm addicted to Zombie Black Ops" thing? If it is... It payed off. Tears well up in my eyes as I peek out my bedroom door frame and see my undead baby sister gargling down on my family. She's only 6... I miss my family but I need to get out of here. I even made a solution. If all fails in finding others? What do have to lose? My dead boyfriend? My parents? Right... I lost them too. I think for a second and grab my school backpack and put my drawing book in it and pencils along with my Ipod and cell phone. Not like I can use my cell but.... There might still be a good amount of electricity in some places. I grab the chargers and a knife I've always had for emergencies. 
I quickly shove the stuff in there and race out my room, don't worry I'm so tiny you can't hear my stomping around, but I am smart enough not to try that. 
My kitchen is close so I quietly open the pantry door and take as much food as possible along with water from a mini fridge we put sodas and water bottles in. It may be heavy to carry but I can still run fast. I run track so easy as pie. Growling comes from behind me and I whirl around to see my sister stumbling towards me. "Oh, Macy..." I say before tearing up and holding my knife up. "I'm so sorry..." I put it through her head and she looks at me before falling to the ground. 
I silently morn my sister and run off into the streets of Georgia. This may be awhile to find others.
I search the sides to make sure there's nothing following me and keep walking around. I feel so lost... and broken... I hold my knife close. There's groaning all around. What? Did I zone out that long?! I see about 5 zombies closing in on me. Oh come on! I think and slide under ones legs and make a run for it. I'm not dying today. I keep running. Running.... That's going to be my life now. 

After walking for hours a huge building comes into sight. Since it's raining I'm having the worst luck with being frozen and not being able to move. Oh why didn't I wear my water proof jacket? I make out bars around this place and get closer seeing walkers crowd it. Ugh! Well I give up... "Come on!" A man shouts. I look over and see a guy with really short hair bending down crying. What is he doing outside!? I run over to him. "Excuse me?! Sir!" I yell out to him. His head whips up and his greenish blue eyes stare me down. "Who are you?!" He yells over the rain. I look at him scared as zombies close in a little. "Can I tell you at safety!?" I yell back. He sighs and looks at the zombies and stands up picking me up and running full force at the jail place. Ya anyone can pick me up don't laugh... Two girls open the gate with wide eyes and close it quickly as soon as we pass it. 
The man puts me down and looks at the ladies. "She's safe can you help her get dry?!" He asks over the rain. They nod and one puts a hand on my shoulder lightly and leads me inside. Oh ya... This apparently is a jail saying there's all these creepy cells. Some have blood from past zombies and people. I look around more and they lead me past a set of bars with a door and close it behind us. "Just safety no need to worry." The lady says politely. "By the way, I'm Carol." She says smiling a little and grabbing some blankets and wrapping them around me. I sigh in relief and hold the blankets close. A boy walks out looking frustrated. "Who's this?" He asks impatiently. "And why haven't I been asked first?" I look down. Carol scoffs lightly. "Carl calm down she's safe. Your father brought her in." She explains. He gives me a look over and I frown. Do I really need approval from someone possibly younger than me?! I think not!