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Sweet Melody (Sasuke x Reader)
Story published October 18, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · 22 pages · 6,086 readers · 38,708 reads
Itachi, Sasuke'
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Itachi, Sasuke's Brother

Sasuke grabbed you arm and pulled you out his bedroom door.  You and Sasuke hid behind the wall leading to the lounge room. You peeked out the corridor to see Itachi flopped on the couch watching what seemed to look like Cardcaptor Sakura. You would have burst out laughing if Sasuke didn’t put his hand over your mouth. Pfft! What the hell is Itachi doing?! He’s always the cool guy who is always making fun of Sasuke without even trying! And Cardcaptor Sakura! Now I’m really  starting to wonder if he’s even a guy...
Sasuke leaned down to whisper in your ear.

“We’re going to take that Cardcaptor disc case that’s lying on the floor”
“Why are we gonna do that?” you whispered to Sasuke.
“ We’re getting him back for what he did to me yesterday.”

Yesterday? What the hell is Sasuke talking about? I definitely wasn’t there when it happened. You followed Sasuke into the lounge room and hid behind the cupboard. You felt really stupid for doing this prank with Sasuke. But what do you know, Sasuke and Itachi were always doing things like that to each other. Sasuke signalled you to crawl behind the edge of the sofa where Itachi was lying down on. You stretched your arm to grabbed the case but a certain someone accidently nudged you on your arm and thanks to Sasuke and your awkward position you hit your shoulder hard on the edge of the sofa. BANG!  Causing Itachi to look down and glare at you and Sasuke.

“Owww....”You complained as you rubbed your shoulder.
“What are you doing?” Question the guy with line under his eyes.
“he..heh.”You put on a fake smile as you let out a nervous laugh.
You got up and sat on your knees and Sasuke instead stood up.
“Look...we were only trying to get you back for what you did to me yesterday.”
“Try as hard as you want will never happen.” Itachi  said as he let out a sigh.
“Hn” Sasuke complained.
“Don’t mind me asking but what did Itachi do to you anyway?” You suddenly jump into the conversation.
Itachi sat up and pulled you closer which really pissed Sasuke off.
“Well...let me tell you a story y/n...”

You tried to pull away from him but instead he sat you down next to him. That Itachi always doing werid things like that for his own amusement!

“ You see yesterday I tried to steal that dinosaur in Sasuke’s room...”
“Hey! Don’t tell her that!” You could tell that Sasuke was annoyed from his pink tinted cheeks. You thought it was kinda cute. Itachi ignored him and continued with his story.
“ ..the dinosaur he now hides in his cupboard was put on the coffee table to embarrass him in front of a few of his friends that came over yesterday.” He finished off his story with a mischievous grin.

You turned around back to Sasuke but he wasn’t in his seat. You left and ran up to his room and opened the door to find the raven studying at his desk. Surprisingly.

“ So Sasuke...” you got one of your books and placed it on his head to get his attention.
“Had fun with Itachi?” Sasuke said as his lower lip almost formed into a pout and looked away from you.
“Oh! I see your jealous!” You had to point that out.
“No!” he said stubbornly.

You let out a little giggle as you thought about how adorable he was being.  You opened you book and started studying.
About two hours passed and you fell asleep on his desk. Sasuke stared at you for a moment and eventually decided to pick you up and carry you to his bed. He sat beside you as he stared at your adorable face and poked it to see if you were really asleep. You didn’t even flinch. He pulled the blanket over you and turned the lights off.
Note: What u think? Soz i hope this chapter wasn’t boring i just thought the idea was cute^^ Lol i just had to do that to Itachi make him watch Cardcaptor Sakura (btw i don’t mean any offence to Cardcaptor Sakura just thoughtit would be funny if Itachi watched it!) I like making Sasuke a little jelly!XD Soon the other characters are going to be introduced in the story too! I’m gonna out Karin in it though I don’t like her one bit!TT^TT but having her in the story makes it dramatic (i guess~)
Anyway... the next chapter i will try to write the next chapter soon!^^