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Sweet Melody (Sasuke x Reader)
Story published October 18, 2013 · updated 10 months ago · 22 pages · 6,167 readers · 39,189 reads
I overheard You
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I overheard You

Another tiring day had passed. Sasuke walked along the path leading to his home.  His mind was set on someone. Set on you. His hand reached out to the knob. He slowly turned the knob. His took of his shoes and quietly walked in. A flat-chested female in a frilly pink dress and a staff with wings walked down the stairs ahead. He took a step closer and realised the person wasn’t female. It was Itachi. Itachi had been sulking like this ever since the girl he liked rejected him.  He twirled with the staff in his hands and gracefully walked down the stairs. Sasuke stood there in horror as he was mentally scarred for life. His brother flopped onto the couch and switched on the television to continue his Cardcaptor Sakura episode. Sasuke thought his brother was the cool ladies man until he saw his other side. It wasn’t welcoming.  It was the first time Itachi was rejected, Sasuke knew he was really upset but he never expected Itachi to go that far. Thank god, my parents aren’t home and y/n isn’t with me. The thought crossed Sasuke’s mind. He imagined the crazy reactions and you laughing yourself to death. Sasuke face palmed as he continued to walk to his room. Embarrassing brother...
Sasuke flopped down on his bead and buried his face in his pillow. He couldn’t get you off his mind. He loved teasing you and loved it when you flushed red, he thought it was cute. He loved the fact you weren’t like everyone else, wearing a load of make-up, only cared about their looks, he loved that about you, and you were your own person. Plus, you were also very talented. Suddenly the thought of his brother crossed his mind. Itachi knew a lot about having crushes and dating. Sasuke was going to have to result to asking his brother. As much as Sasuke didn’t want to he did it for you.
“How do you confess your love to someone?” the raven said with his eyes away from his brother.
“hmmm...y/n” Itachi said staring at his brother.
“No I was just asking!”
“But I thought you guys were together”
Just at that moment you opened the door and walked in. You overheard them talking while you were still outside.  You opened the door staring at Sasuke. You face felt hot and your cheeks tinted a dark shade of pink. You glanced at Itachi. For a moment your mind was off Sasuke and scanning Itachi in the pink frilly dress. You stood in horror and laughed your head off. You ended up on the ground clutching your sides. Your laugh started to calm as you wiped a tear from your eye. You looked back at Sasuke who didn’t have any emotion on his face at all.  He didn’t know how to react seeing you laugh like that. Weather to laugh with you or stand there awkwardly. You stared at Sasuke a thought back five minutes ago where you were still outside about to open the door when you overheard them talking. You blushed again.
“S-so...uh...Sasuke, Itachi I overheard you talking ...outside...”
“YOU HEARD?!” Sasuke shouted.
You nodded fidgeting. Itachi stayed quiet and took no part in this awkward moment. Sasuke’s face turned red from embarrassment.
“hn...”The raven grunted.
 You crossed your arms and pouted your lips.
“I’m gonna get you back for this.”
“Wait. What did I do?” Sasuke questioned you.
“Well it’s your fault people make these wild accusations.”You said with a smirk.
Note:  What do u guys think so far? ^^ Itachi in cosplay lol. XD! The idea of Itachi and the cardcaptor sakura staff was Andiluna’s idea! Thx Andiluna!<3 I decided to make him cosplay as well. You see i also decided to make Itachi that when he’s depressed he does some pretty weird stuff! Anyway hope u enjoyed it! XD!