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Half A Heart -Harry Styles Love Story
Story published October 18, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 55 pages · 341 readers · 2,311 reads
Chapter 14
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Chapter 14


(i'm sorry that i haven't updated! it's a lot in school now before christmas-break!) 


"I'm going now, i'm a little late" Harry said and popped his head inside the kitchen where i sat drinking a cup of tea. Harry was going to an interview today so i was left alone in the apartment to do whatever i want for the day. The clock was around eight and the interview would start at nine. But Harry and the boys needed to be there earlier for the make-up, clothes, talk to their manager and the interviewer and stuff like that. 


"Okay, have fun" I looked up from the book i was reading and smiled at him. He was wearing a plain white T-shirt and black jeans. His hair was messier than usual but he looked absolutely sunning, even though he just woke up. 


He gave me a quick smile and a nod before he walked out of the door. I was a little disappointed that i didn't get a goodbye kiss but i knew he was late so i quickly shrugged it of. 


I sighed and ran my hand through my hair, a habit i guess i picked up from Harry. What should i do for the rest of the time he would be gone. He told me that after the interview they would have a little meeting. He also said something about the studio but i don't know. I wanted to watch the interview so i need to do something for an hour before the interview starts. Maybe i could go and get some coffee? yeah thats sounds good. 


I put my book down and walked to Harr- our room and searched in my suitcase for something to wear. I decided to wear some jeans and a white top. I walked in to the bathroom to fix my makeup a little and brush my hair. 




I locked the door and walked into the elevator. The elevator was ridiculous big and white with a soft music plying in the background. I relaxed a little and leaned against the wall before i felt the nervous butterflies in my stomach, I wonder what Harry will say at the interview, i wonder what the interviewer will ask, will Harry say something about us? 

I guess i will have to wait and see. I sighed and started at the little screen that showed wich floor we were on trying to swallow the nervousness 


The elevator binged (?) and stopped. The door opened soon after and i stepped out. The hall was as clean and empty as it was yesterday, before that guy stepped out. Jax was it?. I didn't want to run into him again. Not without Harry. I hurried out of the door before he or someone else stepped out. 


The weather was as good as yesterday and i enjoyed it. I walked down street searching for a coffee shop. All of the cafés i found was either too big or too expensive. I wanted to find a small coffee shop that was cozy so i could relax and something that wasn't too expensive.


I continued to walk as i looked around. I found a little coffee shop that was rather small but looked really pretty and kinda antique. I walked across the street to the café and was about to open the door when i heard a wolf-whistle. I turned around even though i knew i have a boyfriend -well kinda- i wanted to know if it was to me and who the heck would whistle at me. I was about to ask why the guy whistled when my eyes met two a little familiar blue-green eyes. I froze and shut my mouth into a tight line. Jax. 


He stood there and smirked at me. Around him stood about four guys and smirked at me as well. They all looked scary with their arms full of tattoos and faces full of piercings. I felt a little scared, or maybe just uncomfortable. But Jax's eyes looking at my every move didn't make me feel better. A cold shiver ran down my back and i quickly turned around and stepped inside the café. I heard them chuckling before the door closed behind me. 

My mind started racing 


Why did Jax whistle at me?

he knew that i lived with Harry right? 

Did he know Harry? I think so.


I was so deep sown in my own thoughts that i didn't notice the girl that was walking towards me with her eyes glued to her phone, and before i know it we collide and we both got her steaming hot coffee all over us. 


I let out a shriek and jumped back. The girl's eyes widened and she started panicking

"Omg! i'm sorry! i didn't see you there, look at you, you got coffee all over you" She said and throws her hands up not really knowing what to do with them. 

"it okay, it was my fault too, you're clothes are ruined!" I exclaimed and throws my hand up too 


The other customers in the café stopped what they where doing and looked at the little scene we were causing. They were all pretty old and they looked like they found it all pretty amusing,  okay then....


Then in all this the girl started giggling and the giggling quickly turned to laughing. I couldn't help but laugh with her, even though i wasn't really sure why we were laughing. everyone looked at us like we were crazy.

"I guess we both are clumsy-heads then" she laughed. I just smiled and nodded to prevent myself from laughing again at her choice of words. 


She took a grep on my arm. I looked at her questioningly. 

"i think we should talk outside, we have a little audience in her" She said and smiled. I looked behind her and got eye contact with an old woman that quickly looked away when i catch her staring. 

I let out a laugh and nodded. I'm not really in the mood for coffee after i have showered in it anyway. 


We walked outside and i let out a calm sigh in relief when i saw that Jax and his friends were gone. I couldn't help but feel that someone was watching us though. 


I turned around and face her and she didn't waste anytime and said. 

"I need to make it up to you, let me buy you a new shirt!"

My mouth fell open in shock.

"No way!"

"but pleeeaaseee! i need to make it up to you!" 

"Then i need to buy you a new shirt too!" She groaned.

"But i need to make it up to you in some way!" She frowned an looked really concentrated thinking of something.


We stood a little time in silence before her face broke out in a big smirk

"You can come to my party tonight!" 

My eyes widened. I looked her up and down. This was the first time i really looked at her and well.....she looked like a party animal (The girl in the picture up there)


"ummm....partys aren't really my thing" I said slowly.

"oh c'mon!" 

"No really i thinks it's for the best if i stay home" I said and gave her a small smile 

"okay but i still think you should come! you are invited" 


I nodded and looked down at my watch. The interview! i'm late!

"Oh, i really have to go it was nice meeting you....?"

"Skye, nice meeting you too, we need to meet again sometimes. But in a different way" She giggled and i joined.

"My name is Scarlett but i really need to go now, bye!"



I hurried home. I didn't run into Jax but i still felt like someone was watching me. 




I quickly turned on the TV and searched for the right channel. I relaxed when i saw five familiar boys pressed together on a small couch. 

They where in the middled of an argument with each other but with the look on their faces it wasn't a serious argument. 

The interviewer put up her hands to silence them while she was laughing


"Boys, boys, boys we are on TV!" she said and the audience laughed with her. 

"Let's move on the other question shall we!" The boy nodded and she read on a paper -with the questions on it i think- and looked up. 

"Harry this one is for you are you ready?" She playfully asked 

"Always" He said and smiled i felt my heart flutter by his handsome smile. 


"Do you have any special girl in your life?" 

It felt like the world stopped and become quiet waiting for the answer i have been craving to know or hear the whole day.  But why should i worry? he love me right? so why wouldn't he tell the world? 





"No not really, right now i'm single. It's nice to not have to worry about the whole relationship thing right now y'a know?"



My heart stopped 





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