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I'd Have To Be Crazy Not To (Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von
Story published 11 months ago · updated 5 months ago · 5 pages · 25 readers · 89 reads
Crimson Stephanie
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Crimson Stephanie Tentation

My name is Crimson Stephanie Tentation.
I absolutely adore Blood On The Dance Floor. Their songs, just...hit me, you know?
Anyways, I have a younger brother. He's 19, whereas I'm 20. 
We're all on our own and I have to have three jobs to help with the rent and Tom's college.
I waitress at Blue's Cafe. I play my guitar and sing at S. E. Evan's Stadium, for entertainment reasons. And then I take photographers at the local newspaper.
All alone, late at night, when the nightmares come alive~