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Homestuck Dancestor Boyfriend Scenarios
Story published October 23, 2013 · updated 6 months ago · completed · 10 pages · 6,963 readers · 69,247 reads
When You First Mee
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When You First Meet

Kankri blinked then held out a hand,
“Pleased to meet you, I’d like to shake your hand. That is, if it’s not too triggering for you.”
Cronus winked before taking your hand and tangling it in his with a flirty look.
“Vwell, hey babe~”

Mituna smiled largely
“Wiwefenfmkefgeogegmeiknf!!! Oh! S-Sorry I spazz’th a lot..”

“It is a complete privilege to meet such a lovely looking lady.”

He chuckled,
“Someone else? Well, this is just totally radical!”

He waved silently and tried to smile.

“Oh! Purrrrrrleased to meet you! Tell me, do you ship anyone?!”

“Oh! Well hey there doll!”

“Oh. Well hello there~”

“Oh for glubs sake do we have another one to take under our glubbing wing now?”

“Oh it’s very good to meet you. I do hope I may gain a new friend.”

*Mutters something sexual in broken Japanese*
You know the drill.
Don't suggest or request as it'll be ignored.
Enjoy XD

These scenario's are mine :3 So, don't steal. And if you see anyone stealing, please tell me~

You can find Pre-Scratch and Ancestors if you simply type in "Homestuck Boyfriend Scenarios" and "Ancestor Boyfriend scenarios".

Also, If you want Muelin and Kurloz can not be mute/deaf? But if you want to imagine they are then whenever you/they talk you/they sign. If you get it ^^;

Lastly, the female Trolls are meant to be genderswapped. But idk, you can imagine them as females. And I'm sorry if I put "She" and not "He". I forget sometimes.

I don't own Homestuck, Andrew Hussie does, I am making no profit off this fan fiction.
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