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Jeff the Killer Oneshot~Drunk and Disorderly
Story published October 24, 2013 · completed · 2 pages · 1,044 readers · 1,344 reads
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It was fairly calm outside. Unlike the bad weather you've been getting lately , you could actually see the stars in the sky. Sitting up late reading stories on the internet and waiting to see if your friend Jeff might drop by. He was notorious for stopping by whenever he felt like and had a complete and total disregard for personal space. It was approaching midnight and with your family out of town you decided to start getting ready for bed. You walked into the bathroom, slowly stripping an throwing your clothes on the counter when you heard a knock. You sighed, walking out of the bathroom back to your room and throwing on a long robe before going downstairs to answer the door. As you opened it Jeff fell backward into the entryway dropping a flask onto the ground and laughing at his own misfortune. You took in a deep breath and tried to keep yourself from scolding him, arriving late at night, drunk out of his mind was that last thing you needed to deal with. You looked down at him on the ground. He just stared up at you with a dazed and hungry look in his eyes. After helping him up and helping him to the couch he just sat there and looked at you, trying to find the words to say something.
"Jeff you're drunk."
"No you..." You stopped for a moment to just marvel at how stupid he was and taking notice to the strong smell of whiskey and vodka emanating from him. A very bad combination.  "It's hot!" He complained like a child. You looked about you at the ceiling fan and reached up for the metal cord when you felt something rope around your waist. You looked down and blushed deeply, realizing that it wasn't roping around your waist but your robes belt was being pulled off and your robe was now slightly open. You react quickly, closing it and raising a hand to smack Jeff but you quickly put it down, realizing he won't remember any of this anyway. He looked dazed and confused and not really sure why he did that or what he's doing now. You took in a breath of relief until you felt your robe parting at the bottom, Jeff peeking through it. You grabbed his hair to pull him back but stopped when you felt a him leave a sloppy wet kiss just below your belly button. You squirmed a bit, tumbling backwards and closing your robe back up. Jeff stared at you with lust in his eyes.
"Jeff, What are you doing.."
"Come on baby.." You blinked a few times in disbelief. Jeff was normally pretty quiet and never did anything to make you think he had any feeling toward you but now he seemed to only want you. He tried to take his sweatshirt off, fumbling inside it like a cat stuck in a paper bag. He eventually was able to take it off and pulled his shirt off along with it. He threw them to the floor and stood pulling you into a hug. His forehead was gently rested against his and as he let out a dark chuckle the smell of alcohol was very nearly unbearable. He pressed his lips against yours and wrapped his arms around you, firmly placing a hand on your butt. You put a hand firmly on his chest trying in vain to push him away. His lips ere still locked with yours and after a rough squeeze and you letting out a small gasp his tongue quickly invaded your mouth. Your hands slowly moved to his shoulders, melting into the kiss. He broke the kiss leaving a thin trail of saliva between you.  He looked over in the general direction of your bedroom and then back at you.
"Why don't we take this somewhere more private~" He said slurring every other word.
"Well I was about to take a shower before you got here..."
"Well then... let's take a shower.."