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Her Pokemon Story
Story published October 27, 2013 · updated 4 months ago · 56 pages · 617 readers · 2,740 reads
Electric Shock Sho
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Electric Shock Showdown and Tentacool & Tentacruel

 Vermilion City. Was what I read on the welcoming sign. "I guess we're here." Cubone nodded in agreement. "Let's get to the gym and get this over with." I carried on walking with Cubone still in my arms from earlier. I walked to the gym and opened the doors just as that same boy was coming out with his Pikachu but the pokemon was badly hurt. He must not train much. I ignored him when he looked and noticed me. I focused on ahead and walked into the wide,open doors. "Hey boss! Another victim for the emergency room." A guy smirked. Cubone narrowed his eyes while still resting in my arms. "Which one?" A voice asked. Riolu poped out of his pokeball,growling and glaring as a tall,built man that approached us. 'He really hates staying in that pokeball.' I thought. I faced the man emotionless and ready to leave. "Welcome to Vermilion Gym." He reached down and hugged me. I was shocked,then scowled at the man but he couldn't see that. Riolu growled louder and slightly drew closer.

The man hugging me laughed. "Oh,my next challenger's a cute one." He smirked,gripping my shoulders. "Don't think I'll go easy on ya." He laughed. "Let's get this over with shall we." I growled. "Okay,baby." He rubbed my head,messing up my hair. I narrowed my eyes at him. "Let's battle." I ordered. "Alrighty then." He chuckled. We both went to the opposite side,facing each other. "What pokemon will you be battling with?" His male assistant asked. I removed a pokeball and threw it up in the air,releasing..."Slowpoke?" The others laughed. I knew the chances but I don't care. Pokemon can do anything they set their minds to. He sent out Raichu. I faltered for a second,staring sadly at the pokemon before me but then focused in on the battle. "Go Raichu!" Raichu charged forward but I didn't order Slowpoke yet. He has to catch on to what is happening since he's a slow type of pokemon but that doesn't mean he's not strong. "Raichu show them a real thundershock." I ignored this and waited.

Raichu's blast was closing in and at last minute I sent my order. "Water gun." Slowpoke sent his attack just in time,throwing the Raichu back to land roughly on the ground. "Raichu,mega punch!" The man's pokemon came again but it was too late. I now had a plan. "Slowpoke,use water gun again." The Raichu was sent back again. "Now a mega kick!" The Raichu wasn't as fast as it had been since we had started,meaning it was working. "Water gun." Raichu was sent back once more. "Come on,Riachu!" Raichu got back on it's feet with shaking leg,s,preparing to end it all with thundershock. "Water gun." Again,the blast shot Raichu back. "Now,confusion." Riachu spun on it's legs. Dizzy from the attack and fell with a thud.

The man across laughed. "Never have I ever been beatened by a water pokemon!" He was happy? Why is he happy? I returned Slowpoke and walked over to the Raichu and took out a super potion,healing the damage that was caused. In no time,Raichu was up and on his feet. "Raichu!" He seemed better now. I rubbed his head,causing him to nuzzle my hand. "Rai!" It cried happily. "The Thunder Badge." I took the Thunder Badge and left before he could say another word. "I'm back!" The boy from earlier barged in and certainly made a loud annoucement. I growled and left,trying my best to ignore the loud shouts coming from that boy.

But there,on the ground was a Kakuna and from the sky,it may rain soon. There were small pokemon eying it closely. I snatched Kakuna off the ground just as they striked. They moved forward,attempting to scare me but easily failed. "Leave." I stated firmly and emotionless. Riolu stepped up growling. Taking note of their threat,they fled. "I'll bring you back when it's safe and you can defend yourself." I spoke gently and calm as I wrapped the Kakuna in one of my shirts. "You'll be warmer this way. Go to sleep." I whispered and continued to walk with Cubone and Riolu.

Everything was so peaceful,so quiet. "I did it!" I stopped shortly to see who had shouted and saw that boy again. He is becoming a pest. He was so loud and annoying. "He's disturbing the pokemon." I said. Cubone and Riolu nodded their heads. "Let's go." We turned around and began walking again. "Hey,you got your Thunder Badge too,right?" The boy ran up ahead and walked along side me. I ignored him and walked further ahead. Not caring if I hurt his feelings or anything. He was just annoying but lucky me. I get to travel with him right behind me. Oh,the joy.


"Congrulations!" I don't think they said that right. "You guys get to go a fabulous sea crusie!" They sung. I don't like this already. Before I could get a word out. I was shoved aboard a ship just as it was leaving. I glared at the two who had put me on here but then one was hit with a bone. I looked down to see Cubone hugging my leg and chanting his name happily. A small smile tugged on my lips and I bent down to pet his head. "You shouldn't hit people,Cubone." The said pokemon looked up curiously,tilting his head. "Even if they are annoying." I stood up and Cubone let go of my leg in order to catch up with Riolu and I.

I had to admit that the ship was impressive. There were stans all around,selling and giving things away. Some at reasonable prices and others at terrible. There are all kinds of things here. Walking around,I decided that I would get some things. I bought a plush Caterpie toy,a squirting bath toy,a life size Chansey,and a couple of other things. Riolu was staring into a smooth,crystal clear orb. I chuckled. "It's just a glow in the dark orb,Riolu." He seemed to like this orb though. I looked to Cubone to see him holding a shirt out to me. "What is it,Cubone?" He moved closer and gave the shirt to me,it was a simple white shirt but with a Clefairy printed on the front. "Um,thank you,my friend." What is this? Is this,a gift? A gift? I don't understand. I looked down at Cubone and tilted my head. He was happy that I took it but why?

Ignoring these thoughts,I pulled out a yellow blanket that I had bought for Kakuna and wrapped him carefully inside. "This should be better." Suddenly the waiters and waitresses all ripped their clothes off to reveal a group of thugs with a big,red 'R' on their new uniforms. "Team Rocket will now take possion of your pokemon." My head snapped to a pair,who stood above all the rest and glared. They will have to try harder than those worthless machines. I picked up a pokeball and threw it into the air. A loud roar erupted throughout the ship,making people flinch from noise. "That pokemon is already fully evolved. It'll be perfect." A grunt smirked. Charizard's eyes narrowed at the grunt just as mine did. "Never anger a Charizard. It's the last thing you do." I held Kakuna close as the machines began to suck up everyone's pokeballs. Lucky me,I had mine in my bag. Cubone and Riolu gripped my legs to keep from flying away. I stayed rooted to my spot,not giving in an inch.

My eyes narrowed. "Charizard." He built up his flamethrower and began to take out the grunts a few at a time. Everyone began taking out their pokemon and used them together. I almost smiled at the pokemon. They were working together,it was beautiful. Soon the Team Rocket grunts were taken care of and people regained their pokemon. I followed the crowd that was heading to the captain. He was leaving the ship and soon everyone was following,running over people if the got in their way. Pathetic. I waited and boarded a life boat with Riolu on my back and his arms around my neck,holding on tight in case a wave hit. Kakuna was in Cubone's arms while Cubone was in mine.

The life boats took us to a place called Porta Vista,it seems like a nice place. A beach,beautiful blue skies,plenty of restaurants to eat at,but there was no forest. No woods to walk through and listen to the peacful quite. No,there was none of that and here I am,sitting on a dock,waiting to be taken off this terrible,noisy place. "Citizens of Porta Vista. Effective immediately,I am recruiting any volunteers to exterminate the Tentacool terrorizing our town!" A woman's voice announced. I slightly covered my ears. "Disgusting." I spat. Cubone agreed while as Riolu scowled at her voice. "I will reward 1,000,000 dollars to anyone who can exterminate the Tentacool. Isn't Nastina generous?" Her shrill voice echoed. "Anyone who wants money-I mean uh wants to help establishment of our town. Come to the harbor immediately." I glared at the annoying box. "Pathetic." I turned away but I knew. People would come. If not for the hatred for the Tentacool than for the money. People are greedy and will do anything to gain power.

I stared angry at these people before softning at the sight of the sea. "They're disrespecting the ocean." I whispered but one out of all had heard. That girl,Misty. She stared at me for a moment,then I turned to the pokeball in my hand. I threw it up in the air and listened as a mighty roar echoed through the crowd,causing them all to flinch. "Charizard. Protect the Tentacool." With one last roar,Charizard was off,heading towards the Tentacool and passing Team Rocket on his way. When close enough,Charizard began to send Flamethrower at Team Rocket. I could hear them screaming but did nothing to stop it. "All those things are Tentacool!" The boy who traveled with Misty shouted. The Tentacool now had Team Rocket surrounded and pushing them backwawrds.

Charizard sent another blast as he spotted Team Rocket picking something up. Misty turned to hear a man shout. "Call back your Charizard!" I didn't spare the man a glance. "No." I simply stated and watched Charizard defend the pokemon. A Tentacool sent a blast,destroying Team Rocket's boat but a barrel of something poured all over the poor Tentacool. A bright light erupted and soon a unatural sized Tentacruel stood before us all,it climbed onto the resort Nastina had been building and began to destroy it piece by piece. "How dare that thing destroy my hotel! Fire!" I quickly spotted Charizard. "Charizard flamethrower!" He destroyed at least two but couldn't stop the other two that hit the Tentacruel,though it didn't seem to hurt him the slightest. Tentacools started coming onto the land and not to far back was the Tentacruel on their trail.

Charizard swooped down,coming fast. I backed up and jumped,landing on Charizard's back perfectly. They're pushing water onto the main land. Charizard landed on a building not to far away from the Tentacool. "Charizard stay here." At least if he's up there,he'll be safer than down by the water. I stopped near the water and unleashed my pokemon,who started fighting back against the pokemon. I looked up above to see them using a Meowth in order to talk. Other trainers soon sent out their pokemon to fight back aswell. I watched helplessly as pokemon were thrown back and forth. But one,just one Tentacool stood out from the rest,it was helping two other pokemon that were injured. A Poliwag and a Seel. Why was this one so diffferent? I rushed over and splashed up some water as I helped hold the pokemon up. Super potion. I had some super potions in my bag. Cubone stood guard with Kakuna in his small arms as I healed the other pokemon's injures.

A Pikachu began reasoning with the Tentacruel. "Please stop,Tentacruel!" Misty. She was on top of the building,calling out to the pokemon. "Please,take them all back to the ocean. Please listen,Tentacruel. This is enoguh. We humans understand that we've hurt you." Tentacruel took this moment of silience to look at the humans and to observe the damage done. "We won't destroy your homes anymore. We're sorry,so please." Misty pleaded. I stood up and returned my pokemon at the sight of them all leaving and returning to the sea. But then stopped and tossed two pokeballs at a Tentacool and a Poliwag watching me. I wonder. The both of them dinged in my hands and ceased their rocking.

A bright light caught my attention and some others. My Slowpoke was no longer a Slowpoke but a Slowking. Oh,no. He must have been playing around with a King's Rock. "Slowking!" He cheered. I smiled and watched as he joined by my side. "Slowking,huh." I chuckled but then returned him as I saw Misty coming my way. "Let's go." I whispered.