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One Direction Preferences and Imagines
Story published October 30, 2013 · updated 6 weeks ago · 59 pages · 4,162 readers · 26,055 reads
BSM: You get hurt/
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BSM: You get hurt/start crying because of the paps

                                                                                                          BSM You Get Hurt/ Start crying Because Of the paps
Louis: (Your 5 in this) Louis was taking shopping with him and Eleanor because mummy was going to America for work and I had to stay with Louis and Eleanor. We were walking around when I saw a candy shop, I really wanted to go in it and by a lolly. I tugged on Eleanor's hand. "Loulou and El! I want to go in there and buy a lolly! Please!" I said, giving Eleanor and Louis puppy dog eyes. "Its up to your big brother sweetie," Eleanor said looking over at Louis. "Okay Eleanor, quickly go in with her and get something," Louis said, giving in. "Yay!" I screamed, dragging Eleanor with me.
We came out, and I got a lollipop. Louis picked me up so I wouldn't get hurt when we went outside because of the Paparazzi. When we walked out and the paps started taking pictures and asking questions. One of them grabbed my lollipop and threw it on the floor then slapped my leg. "Ow!" I screamed before I started crying. "Me hate you," I pouted. "Whats wrong baby?" Louis asked. "That one hurt me," I sobbed. "Don't touch her again f*** head, or I will kill you," Louis threatened before we all walked off, Louis pushing the paps. 

Niall: (Your 4 in this) Niall was taking me to the new swimming place today. At the moment we were in the car listening to music on the radio. When we got there, Niall pulled up into a park, and helped me get out of the car. Might I add, we were meeting Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn at the pool. I jumped out with my little floating thing around my waist, and ran towards the entrance, not looking out for cars. And not looking out for paparazzi. "Y/n! Y/n look over here, smile for the camera!" Some yelled. "NO!" I screamed before trying to get out, but failed. "Ni Ni! Help me!" I screamed, looking around, trying to find a way out. A dude slapped my arm, where I had sunburn from yesterday at the beach. "Ow!" I cried. I sat on the ground and hugged my knees to my chest. "Oi Leave her alone!" I hear... Niall say. "Go away!" I think Louis yelled as they all pushed the paps out the way. Niall picked me up and carried me into the indoor swimming pool. "Are you okay baby girl?" Niall said, gently rubbing my sunburn. "Yeah..." I pouted. "Don't do that again alright sweetie!" Niall said, while hugging me. "Okay Ni" I said hugging him back.

Harry: (Your 10) Harry and I were taking a walk in a park, luckily, no paparazzi  was there. Yet. Harry was pushing on the swing when suddenly the paps started swarming around us. Harry tried picking me up but he couldn't because a man grabbed me and pulled me towards him. "Let me go!"  I screamed trying to kick him. Half of the paparazzi were around Harry and the other half were around me. "Let go of me!" I screamed again. "Harry! Help me please!" I screamed, then started crying. "Leave her alone! Let go of her!" I heard Harry screaming. 

                                                                                                                          Harry's Pov 
"Leave her alone! Let go of her!" I screamed, trying to push though the paparazzi. "Move out of the way!" I screamed at them. Once I had managed to push through them, I pulled Y/n off of the guy that was holding her. I grabbed her hand and ran with her home. When we got to the doorstep I knelt down to her hight. "Are you okay Y/n? Did they hurt you?" I asked her, also hugging her. "I'm fine. They just hurt me a bit by holding on to my arms tightly, that's all. And thanks for saving me Harry," Y/n said hugging me back. I smiled at her as she smiled back.

Liam: (your 12) Nicole and Liam took me to the mall to spend my birthday money, as it was my birthday! "Can we go in that shop! Please?" I pleaded Nicole and Liam. "Only because its your birthday, isn't that just a old shoe shop?" Nicole asked. "Um... maybe... but they have VANS there, and I need a new pear of VANS!" I said running into the shop. "Ooo blue VANS... WHAT they cost like 80 bucks! I only have 50... Liam?" I asked as he rolled his eyes and was about to pull money out of his wallet. But the paparazzi pushed in. "Y/n! Y/n! this way! Look here! Are you only hanging out with your big brother because he has heaps of money?" A man shouted at me. "N-" I tried to say but got cut off by someone. "Are you!?" "No! I'm  n-" I got cut off again by Liam yelling. "Y/n where are you!?" I looked around and saw that Liam wasn't next to me anymore. I started panicking. "Liam!" I screamed as a couple of tears fell. "Stop being a baby Y/n" A man said. "Don't worry she gets that from her brother's friend Niall. I glared at the person before running up to him and kicking and punching him. "Ni is not a cry baby!" I screamed. Liam must of pushed through these guys and garbbed hold of me and pulled me away. When we got in the car Liam and Nicole lectured me. "Wait Nicole... we shouldn't be lecturing her if we would do that..." Liam trailed off as I smiled. The whole way back home was silence.

Zayn:( Your  Zayn and I were just having a normal lazy day together. I went into the kitchen and was going to make a chocolate milk drink but we ran out of milk. "Zayn can we go to the shops and get some more milk, we sorta need some more,"I said as I saw Zayn nod and get up. We got to the shops, bought our milk then headed back to the car. One minute we were walking across the road, then the next minute the paparazzi surrounded us. We ignored it and tried to get through. They started to get angry about us not answering the questions and all so they decide to grab the milk and throw it behind them, and then also, slap me across my face. Zayn looked at me then looked at the guy. He grabbed the guy by his collar and started yelling at the guy. "DON'T YOU EVER HURT MY LITTLE SISTER EVER AGAIN YA GOT THAT. AND IF YOU DO! I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL KILL YOU!" Zayn yelled. The paparazzi got scared and left. "Thanks Zayn," I said hugging him. "Anytime miss Y/n, now lets go get another bottle of milk, unless... we can chase them and get them to pay for a new bottle of milk?" Zayn smiled. "Sounds like a good idea," I said as we high fived then chased them. 

                                                                                                               Sorry if one of them sucked! I am getting tired.... :(