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The Emotionless Love (Desna love story)ON HOLD
Story published October 31, 2013 · updated 6 months ago · 10 pages · 288 readers · 881 reads
My Hero
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My Hero

Esna's POV

I trudged through the snow unable to feel my legs, feet, or hands. I try water bending the snow out of my way, but I'm to weak. I fall to my knees weak and unable to do anything. I'm powerless. Worthless. I'm lost, cold and i don't know what to do.
"Esna." a deep emotionless voice said. Desna. My name was the last thing I heard before my entire body gave out and fell in the snow. I felt warm hands touch me, but that was the last thing before I completely blacked out.

Desna's POV
I picked Esna up. What was this i was feeling. I get every time i see her. I can't take my eyes off her. I just want to protect her. I've never felt this for anyone ever. I think i'm in love with Esna.

Esna's POV

I woke up in an unknown bed and room. I don't remember anything only when Bolin left with Nina and and nothing else. I get out of the bed, and noticed that i was in... Eska's robe? I walked up to the door and put my ear close to it.
"I hope she wakes up soon sister." I hear what sounded like Desna say.
"She will brother." Eska I'm pretty sure said. I waited a  few minutes to make sure no one was there. I opened the door and walk out. I hear far away voices ans fallow to where they lead.
I stepped into a room that looked like the dinning room. Desna, Eska, and Chief Unalaq sat at the table. Chief Unalaq stopped talking and everyone looked at me. Chief Unalaq stood up and walked towards me.
 He gave me a warm smile and said, " Esna your awake. Please sit." I sat down next to Desna who turned his head towards me.
"How do you feel." He said in his usual emotionless voice that I loved so much.
"I've been better." I said with a grin. Desna nodded before handing me a cup of tea. I mouthed thank you and took the cup of tea. I gladly took a sip of the hot stemming tea. Jasmine Tea.
"So Esna can you tell me what you remember?" Chief Unalaq asked.
"I-i remember when Bolin left with my polar bear wolf and and that's all I-i cant remember anything else from that point on." I looked up to see them looking at me and Chief Unalaq gave me a pity smile. I took a sip of my Jasmine Tea and looked down. I felt someone put a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see it was Desna.
"So do you know where or how you guys found me?"  I asked looking at mainly Desna, but I was talking to everyone.
"I found you." Desna said. I closed my eyes and remembered me falling to the ground... powerless.
"What is it Esna." Desna asked, but of course showing no emotion.
" I remember falling to the ground... powerless."
"You will remember the rest soon in the mean while eat. Please."  Chief Unalaq pleaded. I nodded and hesitantly took a piece of bread. I stared at it for a minute and looked at Desna, who was taking a bite out of his bread. Desna looked over towards me and nodded knowing what I was thinking. I took a deep breath and took a bite out of my bread, which was surprisingly... tasty. I took another bite of my bread.
"Wow. I got to admit I was pretty hungry." I said taking a sip of my tea. Chief Unalaq chuckled as response.
        After I took my last bite of noodles i was full . I took one last sip of my tea before pulling my knees to my chest. A thought had just came to me about my mother the last thing i had to remember her.
"What is wrong Esna." Desna asked, but more like said.
"Nothing." I said lying
"Your lying."
I sighed and took the flower out of my hair and said, "This flower belonged to my mother before she perished. Her name was Lián. It means lotus flower which is this type of flower. If I ever loss it would be like losing part of me. She gave up her life to save me.

                                                                                                                      Esna at age 8
"Mommy was is happening wheres daddy?" I cried.
"Sweetie there is no time for me to answer your questions, but always know me and daddy never ever wanted to leave you and we love you from head to toe." She said. She reached up in her head and pulled out a flower. A lotus flower.
"This is to remember me bye." She said putting the flower in my head.
"I will never forget you or daddy." I said letting a single tear role down my cheek.

*End of Flashback*

"And I never saw them again." I said putting the flower back in my head. "Fire-benders can't trust them i don't even trust Mako."
"I am truly sorry for your lost." Desna said
"Yes it is." Eska and Chief Unalaq  in unison.
"Please no need for pity it happen 8 years ago." I said, "So Desna you found me?"
"What or where was I going if you know?"
"Your grandmothers."

After a few minutes i stood up and said, "Desna may I speak to you?" Desna nodded and stood up.
I went outside with Desna fallowing my behind.
"Yes Esna." Desna said.
I took a deep breath and said, "I just wanted to thank you for saving my life, but why?"
"I could not have just left you there to die you mean something to me."
I sighed and said, "My hero." I got on my tippy toes and kissed his cheek. I was about to go inside when he grabbed my hand and said, "You amuse me." I looked at him through my eyelashes
"Really. Your just-" I was cut off by Desna crash his lips into mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around my waist.
We pulled away at the same time. I looked down and blushed like a mad man. Desna leaned down and whispered, "Be mine."