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Shadow Link X Reader
Story published November 3, 2013 · 3 pages · 934 readers · 2,123 reads
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After that day you began to visit shadow link again and again. The links didn't mind, they thought you could change him and when you told them that he seemed only misunderstood they took your judgment. Today you had something important to tell him. For all the time you were with him you fell for him. Today was different though, you were still gonna confess but so was he.

Your POV

I was on my way out my door but bumped into something. Or should I say I bumped into somebody. The somebody I was on the way to visit.
"Shadow link! I was about to come visit you. At least your here now I have... something to... tell you..." 
"I do as well, just let me tell you first." I nodded. "I have been feeling weird ever since I first saw you... not the bad kind of weird... I figured it out but was too afraid to tell you... all I have to say is... *gulp* I l-l-l..." at that time I cut him off with a kiss.

Shadow links POV

She kissed me. She knew what I was gonna say and she accepted it. I kissed her back putting my arms around her waist and she put her arms around my neck. We broke apart for air and I said. "I love you (y/n)"
"I love you too shadow link" we kissed again only letting our tongues fuse together as we did.


Sorry that it was short but i hoped you shadow link lovers liked it. As i said i the description I don't own any characters, pictures or you.