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My Daddy Has No Face
Story published 11 months ago · updated 6 months ago · completed · 162 pages · 35,616 readers · 593,691 reads
4 - She's
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4 - She's different like daddy

The sun looked down on the forest as it swayed in the warm wind. Kate and Rochelle walked through the woods, hand in hand, walking back to the mansion where they would enter a crazy, messed up world. Rochelle had been wondering what that kid at preschool meant by 'Why are Rochelle's eyes different colours?' Those words filled her head. She had never seen herself in a mirror, she didn't know what she looked like. She just thought see looked like her father.. but with a face. As they arrived back at the mansion, they were greeted by Slender Man. As soon as the proud father saw his daughter he knew something was wrong. 
 "Rochelle, what's the matter? Is something wrong?" He asked, lifting Rochelle's little chin up with one of his many tentacles. She looked at his blank face and sighed, shutting her eyes. 
 "Daddy, why am I so different?" Rochelle asked in reply, twiddling her fingers behind her back. Her father looked at her and took a deep breath. Slender Man didn't know how to reply. Should he tell her the truth? Or simply make up a lie? He loved Rochelle as much as anything and didn't want her to leave him.. He was happy for once in his life. 
 "You're not different, you're special in your own way! Is it the eye that makes you think you're different?" He said and she nodded. "That eye makes you special, one of a kind! When you grow up, you're going to be famous! Well, to our kind."  
 "Daddy, I want to be like you." Rochelle screamed and raised her hands to hug her father's legs, his featureless face scrunching up as if he was smiling. He was a proud father, and he knew it. 
 The moon was full and there were only two people in the mansion; Rochelle and a young, pixelated boy named BEN. BEN had never met Rochelle and Rochelle had never met BEN. Slender Man had gone out hunting but Rochelle was simply too tired to come with him. So, he just locked her inside her room and left. He didn't want anyone else in the mansion to find out about her, and luckily, Jeff hadn't told anyone about her. BEN was playing an old Legend of Zelda game peacefully downstairs until he heard crying, and that crying was Rochelle. BEN raced upstairs and noticed the door locked. He, somehow, knocked it down and got inside where Rochelle lay on her bed, tangled in covers, hugging her ripped up teddy bear, tears streaming down her face. 
 "Who are you?" BEN asked, looking at the strange child in front of him. 
 "I'm Roc- Roch-" Rochelle tried to say her name, but couldn't. It was heard to pronounce, I agree. 
 "Rocky?" BEN said, trying to correct the poor child. She nodded. "So why are you here, Rocky?" 
 "I live here. Daddy went out hunting." Rochelle replied, smiling at the boy in front of her. 
 "Who's your daddy?" Was BEN's next question. 
 "I don't know. But he's really nice! And kind. But.. he has no face." Rochelle's face sank when she said he had no face while BEN's face lit up. He instantly knew it was Slender Man's child. 
 "Slendy doesn't have a child though.." BEN argued, but he couldn't really. The child in front of him said that Slender Man was her father, and he believed her somehow. 
 After an hour or so, everybody started arriving home. BEN was upstairs with Rochelle, awaiting her father's arrival. When he burst through the door, he looked at BEN and his once white face turned a bright red.
 "BEN.." Slender Man said, taking Rochelle from BEN's hands. "Why are you in here, with Rochelle?" 
 "She was crying, Slendy." BEN replied. Rochelle just smiled. She had met yet another person creepier than herself, and she was feeling good about it. Maybe there are more, she thought. She knew there must be more, more people she can make friends with. 

Copyright 2013-2014 
Lauren Dury. 


A/N: I am fully aware that Masky and Hoodie are not Creepypasta's, but at the time of writing, I didn't know. Thanks again. :)