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One Direction Personal Imagines *Requests closed for now*
Story published November 3, 2013 · updated November 26, 2013 · 95 pages · 19,209 readers · 80,245 reads
Imagine for - Thos
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Imagine for - Those Four Vampire mermaids - "PDA"

Could we have an imagine?-All
Ok, so I would like Zayn.-Bella
I would like Harry.-Emily
I would like Louis.-Stella
I would like Liam. -Ella
Niall could be our big brother. -All
Will you put it in one big imagine? –All


Hey Guys hope this is kind of what you wanted! Sorry it took so long and sorry they're short! x <3 enjoy though xx


Harry for Emily

Harry and I were walking hand in hand through the park near our flat. IT was a really hot day out so we decided a walk would be a nice way to spend time together. We took shelter under one of the huge trees surrounding the park, feeling we needed a bit of shade. Thinking the coast was clear Harry pushed me gently against the tree and we began a mini-make out session. Suddenly we were surrounded by paparazzi. “Harry! Emily! Look this way” they called. “Sorry babe” Harry mumbled pulling away. “Don’t stop on our account Harry” one obnoxious pap shouted. “Freak” Harry muttered, taking my hand and walking home with me. Ignoring the calls from the paps, and not bothered about the fact our make out session will be on the front cover tomorrow or dealing with my brother Niall.

Louis imagine for Stella

Louis is often known for his mischievous ways so when he saw a picture of Harry and his girlfriend stealing a kiss in public, Lois had to take it one step further. He took me out to eat at a little cafe. After we had eaten we walked to his car with the paps following us. I thought he would unlock the car and drive off as quick as possible but he stayed on my side of the car with me “Lou open the do-“ I said turning to face him before being cut off by his lips. I smiled into the kiss forgetting about the paps around us snapping pictures. He pulled away and smiled, unlocked the car and we drove home. The next day we were all over the tabloids and Harry strolled through the door for his guy day with Lou. “I beat ya mate” Louis winked “Beat him for what?” I questioned “Most PDA” he said simply. I nodded thinking “Typical Lou”
Liam imagine for Ella

When we ended up snogging on the cover of ‘OK’, ‘Heat’ and ‘People’s Magazine’ he was mortified. We had been out to celebrate their new album doing so well and it seems we had a bit too much to drink. We’d stumbled out of the club around 2am and lent against a wall waiting for our ride to show and well, Liam couldn’t resist. Confused with the paps shouts he turned to them looking at them weirdly before continuing. If it wasn’t the blatant lack of control that mortified him it could have been the fact his hand was clearly on my breast in most of the shots... Oh Liam... not the most innocent one clearly! And Niall was sure to have words with him about that one. he's so overprotective!!

Zayn imagine for Bella

Zayn and I were leaving an after party one day in America where I was visiting him on tour. As we were heading back to the hotel Zayn kept whispering things in my ear “You look so beautiful in that dress, I can’t wait to see you out of it” or “The things I’m going to do to you babe” and I guess he really couldn’t wait and needed a little taster because he suddenly stopped and pulled me into him. We began kissing and before we knew it we were surrounded by paps. Zayn really didn’t seem to care though, just kissed me harder. Once he pulled away he yelled “That’s right, she’s mine” to the paps before we both ran off to the hotel and well, slept in till noon the next day before being loudly woken by my red faced brother... Sorry Niall.



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