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Why do I love you (Roman Reigns love/hate story)
Story published November 5, 2013 · updated 4 months ago · completed · 49 pages · 1,372 readers · 11,535 reads
Date with Roman
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Date with Roman

I wake up around Roman arm and I see him waking up and I smile to him
Roman: Hello hottie
Me:(blushing) hehehe not bad yourself
Roman kisses me and I smile I pulled away and got up but Roman was holding me down
Me: what
Roman: stay here with me
Me: but I need to get ready for the date
Roman: ok
He lets go of me
Roman: we should get some food
Me: yeah should we order or what
Roman: I will get some food a pretty lady needs some time to get ready for our date
Me: ok
Roman kisses me and then changes and leaves
Then I call AJ

Phone call
AJ: hi girl
Me: hi AJ so me and Roman have a date today and I was hoping that you and Rosa can help me out
AJ: yes when
Me: like in 2 hours
AJ: yes I will tell Rosa
Me: thanks go to go bye see you later
AJ: bye
I hang up

Then Roman came in he smiled at me and gave me some food
we ate when we were done we saw some TV
Me: hey Roman im going with AJ and Rosa
Roman: why
Me: they are going to help me my hair and makeup for the date
Roman: ok tell them to make you HOT for me
Me: ok I will
I leave and go to AJ and Rosa room I knock the door and Rosa open the door and she hugged me
Rosa: hi girl how are you
Me: good and Roman said make me hot just for him
AJ: ok we will for him
The girl do my make up and they both dyed my hair all black and they got me a dress


With red lip stick

New Hair:

AJ: Done girl Roman going to love you
Rosa: yeah you look good
Me: thanks girl
Well I need to go bye thanks girls
AJ/Rosa: bye
I go to the room and when I get there Roman saw me and his mouth was open
Me: like what you see
Roman: yes very much
And Roman was wearing some jeans and a black t shirt
Me: so what are doing
Roman: is movie ok
Me: yeah what kind plz not a chick movie I hate those
Roman: me too
He takes me to the movies
Me: what are going to see then
Roman: a scary movie so when you get scared you can hold me
Me: OK
We see a scary move we want to see (you pick the movie)
When we were seeing the movie and when a scary part came I hugged Roman and he just smiled
When the movie was done we ate some food and then went to the room
Roman: hey Briana I did not tell you that you looked hot AJ and Rosa did a good job
Me: thanks
I kiss him and he wraps his strong arms around me and I put my hand on his neck
Then he pulled away and looked at me
Roman: gosh I love you
Me: I love you too
We changed and saw some TVs
in the middle of the show I fell asleep

She fell asleep on my arm she looks so peaceful I love her I don't want to lose her
Well I put her on bed and fell asleep