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Ticci Toby x Reader
Story published November 8, 2013 · updated November 29, 2013 · 33 pages · 7,462 readers · 78,784 reads
Christmas at Slend
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Christmas at Slender Mansion

Snow flakes drifted through the air as the Creepypastas were all getting ready for Christmas. Everyone seemed to be in a much brighter mood, including you and Toby.
Tonight, there would be a ball, where everyone would celebrate Christmas Eve. Katie and Clockwork were handing out invitations, smiling happily at everyone who passed. Of course, Toby had already asked you to the ball, and as always, you said yes. When you told Katie and Clockwork they seemed absolutely thrilled.
"Toby asked you?" Katie inquired excitedly.
"Yes. Why would he not?" You replied.
"I don`t know! It just seems so unlikely that he`d ask someone to the ball ...he's not exactly the romantic type."
"That is until he met you!" Clockwork added.
You, Clockwork and Toby all headed out to Jane`s room, because she had promised earlier to give you a dress for the ball. However, you were all stopped by Ben, who seemed very confident about something.
"Hey Katie." Ben waved, and you and Clockwork stopped to eavesdrop on there conversation.
"Hey Ben."
"So... will you go to the dance with me?" Ben asked, but he was more confident then perverted today.
"S-sure." Katie nodded, a bright red flushed her cheeks.
"Cool. See you at the dance." Ben trotted of to his room, and shut the door.
Now, it was your turn to have a complete squealing melt down.
"OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!!" Clockwork and you screamed, making some people give you weird looks.
"Calm down guys! He just asked me to the dance. No biggie."
"You hypocrite!" Clockwork teased playfully, and Katie giggled a bit.
Suddenly, you all looked at the time; 7:00.
"The ball starts at 8! We better hurry!" You said, rushing to Jane's room.
You came out wearing this (3099-1). It WAS a ball after all, you could never be too fancy. Clockwork came out wearing a black and blue ball gown (ISD034). Katie soon followed behind her, sporting a red and black ball gown (3354). You all crept down the stairs to hear the sound of blasting music, which sounded a bit like the remix of classical music.
"This is it! Oh and Clockwork? Who are you going with anyways?" Katie asked, entering through a pair of large wooden doors.
"No wa-" Katie was cut off by people pulling her into the crowd.
This place was chaotic, you could barely find anyone in such a large amount of people.
Suddenly, a hand you recognized pulled into a corner, and you looked up to see Ticci Toby.
"Finally! I thought I could never find you in such a large crowd!" Toby said excitedly. You literally had no words, you just stood there, gaping at his magnificent outfit. He was wearing a brown suit with a white undershirt, a black bowtie wrapped around his neck. 
"You look so pretty, (Name)!" Toby gasped, staring at you.
"Thanks! I like your outfit too!"
Suddenly, the loud music turned softer and slower, and a lot of the girls started to squeal.
"Oooh! A slow song!" Toby cheered, wrapping his hands around your waist. You chuckled and ran your hand up the side of his neck, kissing his cheek.
The dance was nearly over, and you began to feel tired. You went over to go get some punch to wake you up a bit, and when you came back Toby was blushing a deep crimson.
"Guess what I have?" Toby sang, holding out a red and green plant you recognized as mistletoe.
You blushed 50 shades of grey red, and removed his mask, kissing him on the lips. You could feel him smirk, and then kissed back.
This was probably the best Christmas you have ever had!

The End
(The end was so cheesy xD)