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Creepypasta Truth or Dare!
Story published 11 months ago · completed · 1 page · 1,958 readers · 2,337 reads
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        So, today, we were all gathered in a room with Slendy, Jeff, BEN, Masky, Hoody, and Smile Dog. Personally, I could live without Jeff's dog. But you know... small steps.
        You might wonder why we're all here. BEN requested a stupid game of truth or dare (and sadly) everyone accepted. So, here we are, in an abandoned, scary house...
        "Who's first?" Savvy, my sister, asks. BEN points to himself and turns to me.
        "Jen, truth or dare?"
        Yeah, I hate being asked first! Usually I would pick dare. But this was BEN we are talking about! "Truth," I answered. BEN smirked and I knew this wasn't going to end well.
        "Okay, if you had to pick one guy in this room to kiss, who would it be?" BEN asked me.
        I looked around the room nervously... all eyes on me. "Jeff," I finally answered after moments of silence. Jeff blushed and BEN started laughing. Savvy looked at me with a smile and giggled. She knew I had a crush on Jeff... (a lot more than any of the other creeps...)
        It was my turn next. "Savvy, truth or dare?"
        "Truth," she answered.
        "If you had to hug one creepypasta in this room, who would it be?"
        Without hesitation, she quickly answered: "Masky!"
        The silence continued. But now it was Savvy's turn, so she turned to Jeff. "Truth or dare?" she asked. 
        "I dare you to hug Jen."
        Jeff turned to me, blushed even more, and hugged me the slightest bit. I smiled, and BEN was already rolling on the floor laughing, which of course, made Jeff stop.
        Jeff stared at BEN. "Hey," he said. "Truth or dare?"
        BEN stopped. "Dare," he said.
        "I dare you to slap yourself..." Jeff said.
        And then it started to get fun. Finally!

        After that... dare... Slendy was up. He didn't really want to go, but we made him, and then Savvy and Masky had to go in a closet for two minutes and read a Disney little-kid's book. Lame dare, but since he didn't want to go I guess I forgive him for the lameness of the lamies... lame. Poop.
        Then, BEN whispered something in my ear: "I dare you to tell Jeff he's ugly..."
        I smirked and raised my voice to a yelling level, "JEFF! BEN SAID YOU'RE UGLY!"
        BEN stared at me and ran out the door, just before Jeff could turn around. Jeff glared at me, and ran to the kitchen with a bucket. Then, we all realized what he was doing.
        When Jeff ran out with the bucket full of _____, the next thing we heard was a loud SPLASH! Jeff screamed a loud insult at BEN, and probably punched him in the face, 'cause when BEN walked back in, he had a black eye... and he was very... very... very mad at me. I scooted away from him when he sat down.
        Everyone was silent, so... I was silent, too. Everyone was looking at me, so I scooted behind Savvy and grabbed her shoulders. She sighed, pat me on the head, and ignored the mad glares from BEN.
        So... that was my "wonderful" day.
        Later BEN got revenge on me. Sadly.
        He shoved me into a door. And punched me in the chest.
        Which I guess I deserved.