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Yandere One Shots*
Story published 10 months ago · updated 9 months ago · 21 pages · 1,227 readers · 13,210 reads
*Blood Lust*
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*Blood Lust*

Zero walked down the halls alone. Yuki had gotten the flu. He walked down the hall. You could only hear his soft footsteps on the ground. You were one of the prevects. You knew that the night class was vampires. You turned the corner and saw Zero walking alone. You smile and run toward him jumping on his back. "Yo Zero." You smirk at the white haired boy. He looked at you. His eyes softened. You and Zero have known each other since you were kids and got the same fate. You both moved in Cross Acadamy at the same time.

You got off Zero's back and walked behind him. "Night time is beautiful, isn't it?" you ask looking at him. He shrugs. He stared down at your form. He loved the way your hair shined in the moon light. The way your body swayed like grass. He wanted to hold you and kiss you. Also, he wanted your blood. He could feel himself biting down your flesh and tasting it. He licked his lips at the thought. His eyes turning blood red. You were paying to much attention at the window of the Night class. Your crush, Aido. (Okay I am guessing you guys don't want to have a crush on him, but if you do great. I was gonna do Kaname, but really thats like....duh. Anyways back to the story.) Zero looked back at you to see you looking at the NIght Class window. He glared at Aido. Damn, Vampire. Zero grabbed your waist and pulled you away. He threw you into a tree. You hissed in pain. Blood began to pour down your back. Zero licked his lips.

Zero pulled out his bloody rose gun. "Yum what's that smell." Aido said walking from the shadows. Alone. Zero smirked. He wanted you to see that you were his and no one elses. You stared wide eyed. Aido didn't see the bloody rose gun. He was to focused on your blood. (Okay I decided that your blood is much more better than Yuki.) Aido licked his lips. You blushed. "A-Aido." You stutter. The blood pouring down your back was getting all over the tree. Before Aido could get to you, Zero had shot him. Your eyes widened. "ZERO!!!!" You screamed. His white hair was covering his eyes. When he looked up his eyes were a dark red. He glared at the ashes of Aido. Zero grabbed your arm. "We have to go." he whispers in your ear.
Before you knew it you had blacked out.

Your eyes opened. You found yourself chained to a bed. You were in only your bra and underwear. Zero sat besides your bed eyeing your neck. "Do you have any idea what you do to me?" He asks not looking at your face. "Zero?" you ask tears forming in your eyes. "Y/N I love you." He says grabbing your face. "Know...let's begin." He whispers. He licks your neck and takes a deep breath. You try to get out of his grip. "Stop Zero." You grunt. "Y/N you do know what blood lust is? Don't you?" he whispers. Before you can respond Zero had bit you.

Zero made sure you never left his sight and if you did can imagine.