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I Luv This! (August Alsina Love Story)
Story published November 9, 2013 · updated 2 days ago · 87 pages · 5,329 readers · 21,655 reads
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

"Bandz a make her dance, Bandz a Make her dance!" Played in my ear as I danced around the pole. Every time I listen to this August Alsina guy I just be feelin the beat. He comes on I'm the Club often too! His voice is just amazing! ❤
"Hey Pretty Lady!" On guy winked at me. He had on a Coogi shirt with a SnapBack on. His brown skin looked very smooth. "Come here!" He motioned for me to come his way. I walked over to him. "Won't you give me a lap dance." I shrugged and got down and started dancing . He watched me for awhile before giving me money. I sat on his lap. "Won't you come home with me baby" I pulled away. "What?" I frowned. "Come home with me" He smiled and winked. "No!" He grabbed my wrist as I tried to get up and walk away. "Come on baby! Don't be a bvtch" "bvtch? Fvck you a..hole!" I stormed away. I can't stand costumers like that. Think just cause I'm a stripper they can treat me that way. I don't even wanna work here! I just do this to make money. My little sister lives with My mom and dad in California. My older siblings live in New York. And the only person I got here is my uncle and auntie and my cousin. It's hard out here so you gotta do what you gotta do you know what I mean? Things weren't woking out for me in California. Power went off for a week straight because I didn't have any money. after I got paid I paid the power bill and after that I Didn't have any money to pay my rent so I got evicted. I'm very Independent so I didnt tell my parents for awhile. I wanted to get away for some years! So I took my money that I was saving to get away and moved to Georgia with my cousin and auntie and uncle.  I moved to Atlanta thinking things were gonna get better. Its been 6 months and Things have gotten better a little bit. I've moved out of my uncles house and got my own apartment and working at the strip club. As soon as I make enough money I'm gonna quit this place and open me up a restaurant .! :) It's gonna be called Lyrics Place. I love to cook! :) :D
I picked up my mail on my way up to my apartment. I had just made it home and I was tired and my feet were killing me! I opened the door and went right over to my couch and fell out. After a few minutes I got up an turned on my radio. I froze as I heard what was on the radio. "People dying every day that aint nothin new if you from downtown! Downtown!" August sang through my radio. It's weird cause I've been hearing him for a few weeks . I shrugged it off and made my way to the bathroom and took a shower. I was so tired. I Prayed before I got in the bed, What I do every night. I loved God and I knew what I was doing wasn't right. "Lord Forgive" I Prayed. After I laid in my bed I didn't remember anything. I woke up the next morning legs and feet still hurting. "Okay , Let's get this Day started Lyric!" I said to myself getting up.
"Ready to go?" I asked my Cousin Lyric as she got into the car. "Ready!" She sighed, Sitting back. I drove my cousin to work, Like I do every night at 7. "When are you Gina stop doing this Lyric?" "Doing what?" She asked Clueless, Putting on lipstick. "Stripping?" I through my hands up. "Soon okay?" She glanced at me. I starred at her a few minutes before rolling my eyes and shaking my head. "You can't keep doing this! Every week I'm hearing how you gave my friends a lap dance." "Well stop listening to them" She slightly yelled. "Stop giving my friends a lap dance!" I snapped back. She looked at me."Obviously they like it if they  keep coming back. She turned around and smirked, looking in the mirror , Fixing the lipstick on her lips. "You know what.. I don't have time for this." I looked forward at the strip club, shaking my head. "I gotta go" She said, Putting her lipstick back into her purse. She leaned over and kissed my cheek before getting out. "Love you Bye" She shut the door, Fixing her clothes as she walked up to the club. "Bye " I mumbled. I swear I hate what she's doing. My cousin is way better than that. She's alway been a straight A Student, With a 4.0 Gpa, She went to college and even went to culinary arts school. After her Brother got shot and killed. He was selling drugs and someone was hating and came up and shot him. It messed her up bad.  She didn't come out the house for a whole month! I would fly down there and check on her. I love her ! She's like my sister and I don't want anything to happen to her and I do NOT Like what she's doing. I pulled off and went home. I smiled as I thought about sheela. I got her number off off dresser and called her. "Hello!" "Hey Sheela... It's Justin" I smiled. "Who?" "Justin from the mall... I helped you with your bags?" I heard a tussle after a said that. "Oh! Heyy!" "What's up?" "Nothing just chillin! You?" "Nothin just sittin at home. I was wondering would you like Togo see a movie together?"  It was silent for a moment. "Sure... I'll meet you at the movie theater!" "Okay" I smiled. "Bye" "Bye" I hung up and went to the bathroom and took a shower. Sheela was very Beautiful. She had really pretty long Blonde hair. Her lips were plumped and looked very soft, Her skin was smooth and light, She was also a few inches shorter than me too! I hopped out the shower and put my clothes on and headed out. This is gonna be fun! ;) 
"Do you love me?" I asked Sheela as she laid on me. We were siting here taking. Before she could answer her phone ringed. At first she didn't know who it was, Then she realized and got off of me. It sounded like a man voice. After a few minutes she hung up and turned around. "Look baby, My cousin is in town and would like to go see a movie sooo... I'll be back later okay?" She sounds like she's lying. "Whatever" I mumbled, rolling my eyes and turning my head. "It bet not be no nigga!" "Boy please! I know you can't talk all the girls you be talking to" She had a point there... I had no room to talk. You can at that I'm the jealous type. "Yea, Iight" "look I ain't got time for that okay? So you can just stop!" "Stop what? Don't tell me wtf to do" I jumped up. "Bye August" She quickly left. This girl really know how to work my nerves. I decided to just let it go and go to the strip club. The thing I did the most when I was mad or wanted to forget about a few. Things. I love strippers. They just keep it real, and dont care what people think about them. I would love to have a Best Friend that's a stripper! I got there and sat down and watched as all the strippers danced. On the pole, around the Pole,  On the floor. They were doing everything. But this one caught my eye. She was a caramel color smooth skin and seemed Like if she took her heels of she was a lot shorter. She danced around the pole for awhile . But when my song I luv this Shvt came on . She got down . She was so passionate with it. I laughed as She did a double take at me. She smiled and her Cheeks Flushed red. I motioned we with my finger to here. She got off and made her way to me. "What's yo name sweetie?" I smiled, biting my lip looking at her. "They call me Caramel. " She spoke softly. I scanned her body. She had smooth long legs. She had curves too. I loved em. Her hair hung down to the middle of her back. She was bad as H.ll! "Wanna give me a lap dance?" I asked, Still smiling. "Sure." She smiled before dancing. I took a sip of my drank as I watched her. She swayed back and forth to the beat. "Don't be scared now" I jokingly said, Smirking. She smiled to. "Oh trust me... I'm not scared" She continued dancing. I had to say. She was the best Stripper I ever got dance from. She moved a little closer, Moving a lot more as the song went on. She dropped down and got back up. She smiled at me as I starred her. Her smile was perfect man. And she was Pretty... Naw scratched that sh.t, she Was Beautiful. :) I think I just fell in love with a stripper.
I couldn't believe who I was dancing in front of. August Freakin Alsina. I blushed as he checked me out as I was dancing. He seem like he was feelin me. I stepped a little closer and got on too of him. "Now Dont you be scared to touch me" I smiled, Jokingly. He chuckled. "Trust me I'm not" I shook my head and continued dancing. I moved a little slower for him. His hands went up from my thighs to my waist, He took his hands up and down my Small Frame. I gasped as he went down to my butt. He laughed as he noticed and removed his hands from my butt. After awhile he got comfortable and started feeling all over. H.ll, I got comfortable too! I danced for him for about a half an hour. I leaned in to his ear. "I ain't even gone lie. I like you... A lot!" I could feel him smile. "And I like you too!" He said, rubbing my back. I blushed and smiled. I inhaled his cologne. He smelt really good. I pulled away. He grabbed my hand as I tried to untie my top. "You don't have to get naked." He spoke softly, Shaking his head. I slowly nodded and moved my hands down And continued dancing. I starred at him for a moment. He had this puzzled look on his face. I guess he was wondering why I was just starring at him. My eyes fell down to his lips. And without thinking I leaned in and kissed him. I surprised him and I aslo surprised myself. I wasnt planning on doing this though. At first I didn't think he would kiss back but oh he did I also didn't know the kiss would be so passionate. I snaked my arms around his neck as his hand went up to my back. All of a sudden I see a l light flash, But it sure didn't stop us from kissing. We made out for about a good 5 minute before letting go. I starred into his shades, Breathless. "I'm sorry" I giggled. "Nah, You good Shawty" He smiled and licked his lips. I pushed his hand away as he tried to give me money. "Nah... It's okay... I don't need it!" I shook my head. "But you deserve it though" He smiled widely. His smile is just perfect! . "No... It's okay!" I shook my head. "Iight...If you say so." He said, putting  his money back into his pocket. "Now you're me know if you need anything Shawty!" He smiled again. I love it when he calls me Shawty! :) "Okay!" I nodded, Smiling. "Thank You Baby Girl!" He said, After getting up and kissing my cheek. And boom... Another Light flashed. I turned around to see a paparazzi. August looked at him and shook his head. I smiled and blushed as August turned around and Winked and Flashed me a smile before leaving. I still couldn't believe it. I just danced for August Freakin Alsina. And I love him.
I thought about that Caramel Chick as I rode down 85 in Riverdale. This street has a lot of stores and restaurants on it. But Caramel was the perfect girl for me. And I wanted her and I was gonna get her! ;) I looked down at my phone as it rung. I rolled my eyes and shook my head as I seem who it was. It was sheela. I didn't feel like dealing with her. She called a few more times and I still didn't answer. I got home and as soon as I walked through the door sheela was standing right there! "Dvmn " I mumbled locking the door. "Where th you been?" "Don't worry about it" I brushed passed her, not even looking at her once. She gasped and watched me go to the kitchen before following me. "Do you know what time it is August?" I ignored her as I looked into the fridge. "It's almost 3 in the morning!" "So?" I raised up from the fridge and frowned at her as she stood on one side and crossed her arms. "I'm a grown man aint I?" "Tf that's suppose to mean?" "You know what it mean"I grabbed my juice from the fridge and walked right pass her again. She turned around and followed me. She walked closer to me. "Are you cheating?" She asked, with her hands still crossed. I turned around and looked at her. "Gtfo my face with that Sheela!" "Just answer the question" I inhaled some men cologne... And it wasn't mine. The closer I got to Sheela the stronger the cologne got. "Sheela why to do you smell like cologne? You been with another nigga?" She frowned at me. "What? No!" She said Quickly. I knew she was lying. I got closer and smelled her. "You've been with somebody " "Yes, my cousin!" "Is he a dude?" "No!" She shook her head. I glared at her before walking off. I was done with her, Shes cheating and she lyin about it. I could hear her sigh and I could imagine her shake her head like she always do when I walk off. I finished my juice , took a shower and went to bed. The next day I did a few interviews then went to the studio. Later that night I decided to go to the strip club again. Just to see caramel.  ;) :)
I was walking around the club when I spotted August and chuckled. "What're you doing here?" I asked as I walked up to him. "Surprise!" He smiled. "Another one huh?" He nodded and smiled. "Well I must be good" I jokingly said, Walking closer. "You iight!" he joked and we bother started laughing.I started dancing and it was same as last night. AMAZING!!! :D ;D "Take this money this time!" I looked down at the money. I really needed it so I took it. "Thanks!" I smiled. "No problem baby girl." He smiled. "See you later." "You too!" I walked off to the dressing room. "Caramel... Your free to go tonight" My Manager said. "Thanks" I smiled getting dress and leaving out. I was in the parking a lot about to call my cousin when I heard  a familiar country voice. "Leaving?" I smiled as I realized it was August. "Yes" I said spinning around. He was still smiling. "Gotta ride?" He asked, coming closer to me. "Well I was about to call my cousin" I said looking down at me phone. "He stepped even closer to me. He was so close that we could feel each other breathing on each other. "Well you don't need to do that" He looked down at me. August was a few inches taller than me. "Oh really?" I smirked. "Really!" He smirked also. "I'll give you a ride home. " He Spoke. "Nah... Im good..." I said turning around and walking off. "what?" I stopped in my tracks in turned back towards him. "What if your some kind of stalker or Kidnapper?" I jokingly said, Smiling. "Naw, Imma Stripnapper" He winked smiling. I giggled as I walked back up to him. "Now lets go" He said gripping my hand, leading me to his car. We got in and drove off. I told him what street I lived on. It was around 10 o'clock. I frowned as he turned down 85 . "Wait... Where you going?" "Before I take you home, I wanna take you out to eat." He glanced at me and smiled. I smiled too! "Awww... Your sweet!" I smiled, Playfully pinching his cheek . "Yea!" He chuckled. I starred out the window at all the stores as he drove down 85. "I love 85" I smiled , looking back at him. "Me too!" He smiled, glancing at me then back at the road. We pulled up to a restaurant  . "Stay there." I nodded as he got out and came around and opened my door for me. "Thank you!" I smiled as he held my hand as I got out. "No problem baby girl." I could feel him checking me out. We went inside and sat down and ordered.
I looked up at Caramel. She was looking at the menu, Flipping the pages with Hot pink Fingers. She glanced up at me and smiled. I wanted to get to know her. "So what's your real name Caramel?" I smiled curiously. She looked up at me and smiled. "Lyric! " "Beautiful name Lyric!" I smiled. "Thanks " She Smiled. "How old are you?" I asked. "I'll be 21 next month." "Oh okay... Gone head" I chucked and she did also. "So are you from around here?" "Dang you wanna play 21 questions huh?" She laughed jokingly. "Nah! I just wanna get to know you. Know what I mean? Want you to know that I just don't see you as some stripper" I shrugged. She starred at me with a serious look on her face and nodded. She seemed like she was surprised at what I said.  "Well... My whole name is Lyric Monae Johnson, Im 21 Um.. I'm from California, my Favorite colors are Pink, Blue and Red. I have One younger sister, One younger brother and 2 older brothers and I have another brother thats not living" She looked down. "Dang!" I Said Low. She looked back up at me. "Oh and  I just moved here about 6 months ago . I was staying with my aunt and uncle. Then I went and stayed with my theres son, my cousin for like a week before I got my own place... He's like a brother to me "  Pulled out her phone and on her lock screen it was her and a guy. He was about her complexion , Short hair cut and tall. He also had dimples. "His name is Justin!" "What made you wanna me here?" I asked, interrupting her. "Well... " I she sighed as she looked up at me. "I know you've done this before so imma just tell you... 6 years ago, My Big Brother started selling drugs. He was so popular that niggas got jealous. And I ain't gone lie, I sold a few drugs for him a few times. So 2 years later my brother got shot by this nigga named, Chain... Well that's what they call him. After he died, I didn't know what to do. My brother was my everything , We didn't everything together. Every Saturday we would go to the coffee shop and sit there and drink our coffee and talk and laugh" She gazed off and smiled as she thought about it. "Chain was found not guilty" Her smile disappeared. "After court that day he packed his bags and left town. After that I changed. I was so angry and I kept it all bottled inside. I still do actually. " She blew air out of her nose and shook her head as she looked down. "Im still hurt" she mumbled. I sat there... My heart broke as I listened to her story. I was also shocked. The same thing happened to me brother. "You know... That's the same thing happened to my brother" I put my hands on top of hers on the table. She looked up at me. "Really?" She frowned. "Yea" u begin explaining what happened. "Wow... I'm so sorry" She spoke softly. "Yea...."  My phone starred ringing. I looked down to see Jabria calling me... One of my other Lil thots. I ignored the call and shifted in my seat! Lyric narrowed her eye brows at me. "Aren't ya gonna get that?" She pointed down at my Phone. "Nah!" I shook my head. "It ain't nobody important... Especially ain't important than you!" I smiled. She looked at me and blushed. "Awww!" She smiled. Then our food came. "Now tell me about you!" She smiled. "I already know your whole name is August Anthony Alsina, Your 21 and your brother died when you were 17" "Well Dvmn !" I smiled and she giggled. I cleared my throat before beginning. "Well... I was born in Louisiana, My dad and step dad were on drugs and so for a change my mom moved us to Texas when I was 10. When we moved to Texas I found out my dad and my best friend died . " "wow!" She mouthed. "Before they died I turned to YouTube and made singing videos on there. When I got older I started selling drugs. My mom put me out so I moved back to Louisiana my brother died when I was 17  and that's when I got more serious with the music. All those deaths hurted me bad. I got discovered and boom here I am."  I smiled. She did also. "Before my brother died he made 3 beautiful girls... They're me world!" I smiled. "That's how I feel about my nieces and nephews" She smiled. "You got nieces and nephews? " I asked , Raising an eyebrow. "Yea" She nodded. "My older sister Shayla had 2 Girls and a boy, and my Brother that died had a boy and a Girl." She explained. "Oh... Well maybe they could meet each other one day! " I smiled. She looked at me and smiled. "Yea... That'll be nice." She looked down at her food. "You know..." She started , Looking back up at me. "Your the first person I ever opened up to. "For real?" "Yea... For real!" She nodded, Sincerely. "I like you  August... A lot " I smiled. ." I like you too baby girl." See, Strippers keep it real. We finished eating and talking and left. "I'm gonna walk you up to your door" I said as we sat In her drive way. She grabbed onto the takeout box in her hand. "Okay!" We both got out and walked to the door. "I had fun tonight" She said as we made it to her apartment door. "I did too!" I smiled, Looking down at her. She unlocked her door and opened its She looked at me and smiled. "Thanks"  . "No problem baby girl!" I flashed her a smile. We gazed into each other eyes for a for minutes. I leaned in and kissed her. I wrapped my arms around her waist as she wrapped hers around my neck. She pulled me into the house, To her room, Onto her bed. She took my shirt of and I took hers off. "Don't you have a girl friend?" She smiled. I kissed her again. "Nah... That's over with" I lied, Smiling kissing her again. I felt bad for lying though. This morning me and sheela made up. I don't know why but we just did. She laid down as I kissed and BOOM! It happened! :) ;) I just fell in love.... I know I shouldn't be doing all this lying, Cheating and drinkin, and Smokin. But if you ask me why I do it Imma tell you like this, cause I love this Sh.t! ;)
Okay... This was Chapter 2... Thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoy it!!! I'm tired... Night guys!❤❤ ☺ Don't forget to Pray before you go to Bed!❤❤❤❤☝ ☺
Bye Guys!!!❤ ☺ ✌✊ ✨