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Cuffs and Keys ~Discontinued~
Story published November 9, 2013 · updated November 13, 2013 · 6 pages · 249 readers · 588 reads
Chapter 1: The Beg
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Chapter 1: The Beginning of it all.

                You sat on your bed wondering what you could do next since you had just finished making a bracelet for your best friend, (HC), in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD.  Well to be exact, your best friend was also your flushcrush.  You looked at your work and you were proud of it since the Bracelet had their favourite colour and bits of (FC) beads on it, plus the bracelet had their Western and Chinese zodiac on it too.  Smiling, you hugged the bracelet for your best friend, It was Purrrrfect! Golly, did you really say that in your mind? You remembered that you been hanging out with Nepeta a lot lately, you giggled at all the memories you had with the cat girl, from roleplaying to talking about both of your ships.
        You were about to go off to dream land until you heard your phone go off, telling you that someone sent you a message.  You picked up your phone and looked at the message, your flushcrush had asked you if you were able to come over, your smile grew bigger and goofier to the point where it beats John’s goofy smile. You got up from your bed and went over to change out of your messy painted clothes. Once you got into a gray tank top with flowers, slipped into a gray sweater, and put on some jeans, you grabbed your phone and the bracelet before stuffing them into your pockets and running downstairs and out of the house.

        Once you were outside, you were punched in the face with the sun’s brightness. You closed your eyes and hissed before getting used to the light and opening your eyes. You looked at a few houses to notice your best friend’s house and so you started your adventure towards their house. That is until you turned around slowly to see a red-haired female, with a red sweater on, running up behind you as they were yelling, “FOR THE RADICAL JUSTICE OF RED!”. Then you were knocked out.

        When you regain consciousness, you noticed that you were handcuffed to someone or something and you were also blindfolded. Your head was pounding and you can only hear your brain and heart pounding in your ears, so you didn’t notice someone was asking if you were alright, well you did but it sounded like mumbles to you. Then a force pulled on the cuffs, pulling your hand limply up, and pulled down your blindfold for you to see your best friend!
"Im not letting you go this time"