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Pirate!England X Princess!Reader
Story published November 14, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · 10 pages · 1,622 readers · 5,774 reads
Meeting Captain Ki
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Meeting Captain Kirkland

The torches outside the castle were extinguished and that only meant one thing;It meant that the inhabitants were asleep. Captain Arthur
Kirkland, a notorious pirate, and master manipulator, took his chances and scaled the castle wall, carefully avoiding the guards.

    'Are you serious? Were those the castle guards? They were almost too easy to get by!' he thought, climbing into an open window. As he looked around the room, with it's white walls and golden floor, he assumed it was for someone less important.
    'Only some books, paper and writing utensils...Probably for a member of the staff.' he thought, looking through the drawers for anything of worth.

    All of a sudden, the door slowly opened. He froze in place and turned his head towards the entryway. He saw a girl, perhaps (your age) stepping into the room. You had on a (f/c) dress and her eyes flicked to the open window. Walking across the darkened room to close it, she bumped into the pirate, who was trying his best to hide in the shadows.

    "Who are you? Answer me or...or I'll call the guards!" you threatened.

    "Easy, easy! My name is Arthur Kirkland, and you can relax, I don't mean anyone any harm." he said, stepping into the moonlight the open window provided.

    "You're that pirate! The one my stepmother's been going absolutely crazy about!" you said, your eyes widening so much, he thought they were going to fall out of her head.

    "Now my question to you, my lady. Who are you?" he asked, peering at you with curious eyes.

    You sighed, "My name is (f/n) (l/n)."

    "The Princess of England? The one that no one has ever seen?" he asked.

    "Yes, that's right. My stepmother, she hates me. She wants to reign forever."

    "So...You won't call the guards on me, then?" he asked, sighing in relief as you shook your head.

    "No. They've been ordered not to pay attention to me anyway."

    "Well-" he began, but was interrupted when the door slammed open, revealing a maid with a rather grumpy face, holding a tray with less than large portions of food. The tray dropped from her hands when she saw the two standing together. Running out the door, she began screaming
for the guards.

    As the guards rushed in, Arthur looked at you and smiled.

    "Well, my lady, it looks like you're coming with me." he said, grabbing your hand and leaping out of the window onto the cobbled walk below.

They began running through the village, your (h/l) (h/c) hair blowing behind you at the fast pace you were running.
    After what felt like ages of running, they reached a ship that was in the harbor. It was magnificent, so magnificent that you would have to actually be there to comprehend its beauty. Its black sails rippling in the soft wind, it was the best of any ship that you could find, even in the navy.

    They arrived on the deck and tried to catch their breath, the captain bellowing out orders to his men who scurried about the ship, trying to prepare for another journey.

    He turned to you, "My lady, I would like to welcome you, to the Black Beauty."

    You smiled as you looked around the ship, entranced by the delicate woodwork and the beautiful sails. Suddenly the captain turned to face his men, who were tying everything off, to make sure that nothing would get in the way of their luxorious break on the sea. Well, sort of luxourious anyway.
    "Oi! All of you, fall in! There's a very important person that I want you men to meet!" he commanded, the men arriving almost instantly.
    Pointing to you he announced, "Men, this is (f/n) (l/n) , the hidden Princess of England! She is to be treated with respect at all times, understood?"
    A chorus of "Aye, Captain's" and "Understood, Captain's" were murmured as the men quickly bowed to you, then quickly got back to work.