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I'll Carry Your Heart With Me
Story published November 16, 2013 · updated November 19, 2013 · 5 pages · 61 readers · 106 reads
Just My Every Day
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Just My Every Day Life

Alice and I walked  to Biology talking about everything under the sun.She mostly asked me about my life and honestly...There wasnt much to tell.I don't have a life.I go to school,I go shopping for groceries,I go home,I study and do homework,I cook dinner for charlie and I,then i go to sleep only to wake up and begin the cycle again.By the time we got to class I had told her all of this.My life is so boring.We walked through the door and already I could feel the glares leveled on me.Alice stiffened when I heard Tyler Crowly sneer "Hey Freak" as I passed my on my way to my desk...Where I have always sat utterly alone with only insults to keep my company.I had almost made it to my seat when someone A.K.A Mike stuck his foot out and tripped me.
My book went flying and I caught myself with my hands out in front of me.I faintly heard something snap.Pain shot up my wrist and I cryed out in shock and pain.I felt a pair of cold arms lifting me up and a growl coming from deep within little Alice as she turned to Mike."You and I officially have a problem ass hole.Come on Bella I'll take you to Carlisle to fix you up."With that we walked out of the class and out to my saviors car.The walk there was quiet with only a deep growl coming from little Alice with the occasional hiss escaping along with some very foul language."Alice calm down I'm going to be okay.Trust me I've had much worse that this."Her eyes widened and her face took on such a visious glare that I flinched away from her.She stopped walking and lifted my chin up when she realised I was scared of her.Or at least the look on her face.
She sighed and her eyes met mine screaming apologies."I'm so sorry Bella.I didnt mean to scare you.I-I cant help but be so...So upset and angry at them and anyone who ever hurt you.I know I probably seem like such a wierdo saying this but to me it feels like I've known you for forever and I'm so terrified for you and so...So pissed because they had the audacity and the nerve to lay a hand on you.I'm so sorry for scaring you."I shook my head."Alice its okay.I'm just not used to people caring about me or being mad because someone hurt me.Just trust me.This is so mild compared to my freshman year.I'm used to it by now because it isnt new."She whimpered as if it caused her physical pain and gave me a once over before she pulled onto a long dirt driveway."Bella were almost there okay?Tell Carlisle exactly what happened alright?"I nodded and stared out the window as we pulled strait up to the most beautiful modern looking house I've ever seen.My first thought?Damn they must be loaded!!!!