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The Unexpected (A Black Butler Fanfic)
Story published November 21, 2013 · updated 11 months ago · completed · 48 pages · 1,027 readers · 8,019 reads
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Pluto POV
I hear (y/n) singing. I open my eyes and climb off her bed. She opens her balcony doors. I fall her out onto her balcony.She climbs onto the roof. I hear her say ''mommy?''.Then she starts screaming.I hear her body hit the ground.I open the bedroom door.I start whimpering, barking and howling. I run to Ceil's bedroom door and I start barking at his door. Ceil opens his door.I start running downstairs and I run to the back door.''Pluto what is it?''Sebastian asks me looking annoyed. ''(Y/N).''I say whimpering. Ceil opens the door and runs out.I run out after Sebastian.We find (y/n) laying in a pool of her own blood.She says ''We say goodnight and not goodbye.''then she close her eyes.
Your POV
I wake up with to a sharp pain in my abdomen and in my sides.''What happened?''I ask opening my eyes.I look over and see Pluto cuddled up in a ball beside me.''(Y/N)?''Pluto says as he opens his eyes.I smile at him and nod. ''Can you say love?''I ask him. ''Love.''he says to me.''Now try to say I love you.''I say smiling. ''I wish you could talk,walk and have some human qualities,but still act like a dog when you want to.''I say looking at him. ''I love you (y/n).You're very pretty when you're asleep.''Pluto says to me. I start smiling and the pain in my sides and abdomen goes away. ''Thank you.''I say to him.I walk to the bathroom and take a bath.I get ready for the day.I walk downstairs with Pluto falling closely behind me.I hear whining. I see Sebastian catch Ceil's hand before he could slap Lizzy.''Hi.''I say stepping into view. ''(Y/N) you're awake.''Ceil says. I nod and smile. ''Hi Lizzy.''I say waving at her. ''(Y/N)!''Lizzy yells pulling me into a bone crushing hug.''Can't breathe.''I say to her. She lets me go.''I'm sorry.It's just that I haven't seen you in years.Well I have to be going.Bye bye.''Lizzy says.-night time-I watch Sebastian and Ceil leave.I sneak out and follow them.Hide where no one could see me in the alley. I watch Sebastian fight Grell.I close my eyes.I open my eyes to see Grell kill Madame Red.My hair turns white and my eyes turns electric blue.I walk out of my hiding spot.''I knew you weren't human the moment I helped you up.You're a reaper.''I say looking at him. I see Red's body on the ground. I run and punch him in the face.He flies back into a wall.I move to the side just as he runs at me with his chainsaw.It runs into the wall.I kick him in the side.''You inconsiderate bastard!I loathe people like you.You take away a person's love one in front of them.Shadow scythe!'' My scythe collides with his chainsaw. I hit one of  Grell's nerves and paralysis him. ''I'll be taking him.I'm William T Spears.''Will says. ''Another reaper.''I say smirking. ''I'm very sorry for the mess this idiot has made.We'll be taking our leave.''Will says. My hair and eyes turn back to normal.''What are you?''Ceil asks me. ''I don't know but I know I'm not human.''I say looking at the ground.We walk back home.I walk up to my room. On my way down to the kitchen   to get something to eat,I over hear Ceil and Sebastian talking. ''She's trouble.She could have gotten hurt.Sebastian I order you to keep (y/n) safe.''Ceil says. ''Yes my Lord.''Sebastian says. I walk down to the kitchen and start making me a hot fudge sundae. I finish making my sundae and I walk back to my room.I sit down on my bed and start eating my sundae.''Keep me safe and protect me.I'm 15.I can take care of myself.''I say lowly to myself.I hear knocking at my balcony door.I get up and open it.''Aleister what the hell are you doing.How did you know where I live?'' ''Gossip.'' I lock my bed room door and the balcony door.I close the (f/c) curtains.''Should you be eating sweets late at night?'' ''I can if I what to.You want some.'' He sit down beside me and starts eating some.We finish the sundae.I put the bowl on my nightstand.We lay in bed and talk about our interests.I lay my head on his chest and fall asleep listening to his heart beat.I swear I heard his heart skip a few beats.''Goodnight my little dove.''